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Get to Know Doop in 8 Comic Book Panels!

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So the Doop is getting an all new series, set to take place during “Battle of the Atom,” but just who is this guy? Even longtime X-Men fans might want a bit of a refresher, especially if you didn’t read X-Statix or Wolverine and the X-Men.

1. Doop is so badass that Wolverine asks him for help.

Kinda why Charlie wanted Wolverine around, to protect the school with violent force.

If Mr. “Best There Is At What I Do” turns to you for help, that means something. Doop carries on this duty throughout the Wolverine and the X-Men series, most notably in issue #17 where he is recruited, and issue #42, the final issue of the first volume.

2. Doop knocked out Thor.

Sorry, I just don't like Thor!

Look at that quality punch! Take that puny god!

3. Doop is a lady’s man (and kinky).

yeah, go Doop! Keep her happy so she won't go crazy and kill the students!

Yikes! Anything to please a lady though! Or a man, or a whatever, the very versatile Doop is multi-sexual.

4. Doop toys are a thing.

I want one!

Plushies, keychains, botttle openers, etc. . .  you put the Doop on it, and for some reason it will sell like hotcakes in the Marvel U.

5. Doop can rock out. 

Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny anyone?

Just one more way in which he protects the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning. Based on this reference, I bet he’s mastered inward singing too!

6. Doop is equal opportunity.

Doop uses a colorful metaphor, can you guess what he said?

Equal rights, equal fights eh?

7. Doop murdered a guy.

Covered in blue blood.

To be fair, it was pretty much the same kind of situation as in a recent episode of The Walking Dead. Also, it was X-Statix. That book was just nuts.

8. Doop has his own language.

doop speakPeople in-universe claim to understand him, but the reader has a bit of guesswork to do. Either way, it’s still more intelligible communication than that annoying wingding font Thor speaks in!

Peter Milligan and David Lafuente are launching the five-part All-New Doop miniseries in April 2014.

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