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Kickstarter Spotlight- Massively Effective

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The Comicbooked kickstarter spotlight is shining brightly in the faces of Marco Lopez and Bryan Ginn this week as we look at their graphic novel project “Massively Effective.” This book is the creator’s homage to the comic books of yore. The duo’s goal is to bring fun back into comic books with content that is suitable for the masses. The novel is a buddy story about two best friends, who started out as arch enemies, named Mass and Effect. They were one of the greatest b-list superhero teams that ever existed. They retire from the super hero business after becoming disillusioned by the lack of respect from their peers. “Effect” starts to feel the boredom of everyday life gnawing away and drags a reluctant “Mass” back into the fray once more.

So far the book has received some great feedback and reviews from some very noteworthy and respected industry professionals. This is quite a feather in the projects cap and adds some real weight to anyone investing. The project has been funded by the hard working creators and the funds will be used to help bring the novel to a greater readership. You can give from as little as $1 to $70 and the rewards on offer are fair and represent good value.

When you visit the kickstarter page you will find a substantial amount of information and content. There is a pitch video from the creators and the pair’s passion for the project is clearly evident. There are a couple of videos showing some of the conceptual artwork and links to the website and FaceBook page. There is even a link to download a 23 page PDF preview of the book so you can see exactly what to expect. This projects deadline is nearing arrival so why not swing by and take a look at what’s on offer?

+Adam Cheal

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