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Keith Giffen’s Sick, Twisted, Hilarious- I Luv Halloween

Jeremy Boreske 10/31/2011 DO NOT USE

The magnificent Keith Giffen (Lobo, Trencher, OMAC)  and artist Benjamin Roman (The Cryptics, Zombie Tales, Cthulhu Tales) bring us a fresh unique take on the imminent Zombie Apocalypse in their Horror/Comedy manga, I Luv Halloween. Originally published by Tokyopop in three volumes between 2005 and 2007, it can now be purchased in one complete volume. Let me be clear though, this book is rated by Tokyopop as OT or Older Teen for 16+ only!

I Luv Halloween most definitely fits into the dark comedy genre. The first book begins on Halloween and it seems like there are an awful lot of corpses hanging around but does this discourage our rag-tag bunch of kids from their goal… CANDY? Of course not! The group of kids, led by Finch, consists of his younger sister Moochie (dressed as the Tooth Fairy, a role she takes way too far), Devil-lad (who mysteriously only shows up on Halloween), Pig-Pig (the big dummy of the group), the perverted Mr. Kitty and his younger brother Spike. There are also a couple of bullies- Spike (don’t call him Bubbles) and Squeak, oh and let’s not forget little Spike’s undead dog; Spike. Yes there are three Spikes in the book, but ones name is actually Bubbles.

Even as their neighborhood slowly turns into an undead wasteland they remain focused on three things: Candy, not getting their asses kicked, and dealing out revenge to the houses that give them pennies, apples, or even candy they don’t like. Keith Giffen’s script is filled with his own brand of dark humor and the dialogue could not be better. Roman’s art perfectly suits this story. The covers are in color and are amazing but inside it’s black and white and it works perfectly. Color would have done the book an injustice. Benjamin Roman just nails it, ’nuff said.

The kids are dodging zombies, dealing with bullies, bra theft, and Moochie collecting molars from her victims… and that’s just the first book! The second book is the following year’s Halloween, where now, the entire town, except for most of our gang, are in full blown zombie mode. They add a few characters, a trio of sisters and an awkward kid named Gully. Who knew seizures could be so funny?  Giffen also ups the ante in the twisted situations department. The second book outdoes the first in terms of sick situations, but don’t worry- the humor remains. The first two volumes make a great back-to-back read however the third book takes a turn. Giffen adds in an alien invasion this year (wow, this town cannot get a break!). With the aliens come abductions and experiments on humans, head swapping, mass murder and of course a daring rescue. Once again just as good as the first two volumes and a perfect end piece. I myself have only read the separate volumes so I’m not sure if there’s any extra content in the combined books but even if there’s not you will definitely get your moneys worth however you decide to collect them.

Cover to the I Luv Halloween ComicI Luv Halloween is a wonderful, offbeat, gory , playful guilty pleasure and if you decide it’s something you like then you definitely need to check out the computer animated episodes which, as far as I know only cover the first book. I’ll even make it super simple for you and add the links to the first four episodes at the end of this article. It is equally as good as the books and pretty much sticks to the source material. Keep in mind that the CG animation done for this was done roughly four years ago, so it’s not Toy Story level CGI but it’s a good 3D rendering of Roman’s art just not as smooth as CGI is today. Again I highly recommend them if you enjoyed the books and have a dark sense of humor. I give everything related to I Luv Halloween two big thumbs up. A great script from Giffen with terrific dialogue and amazing art by Benjamin Roman, a story about Halloween, and we learn a valuable lesson about coming between the Tooth Fairy and her molars. What more could you ask for in this, the best holiday season of them all? Not Much. Happy Halloween from us here at Comic Booked and don’t be afraid to discuss this or other topics in any of our forums just click here. Finally, don’t forget about our costume contest guys and gals, for more info on that click here to get there. Get Comic Booked this Halloween, I’ll be lurking for you. Mwhahahahaaaaaa!!

I Luv Halloween CG #1: That’s the Spirit

I Luv Halloween CG #2: All-Night Chompin’

I Luv Halloween CG #3: Apple-Jacked!

I Luv Halloween CG #4: Artificial Sweetener

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    I definitely need to check this out. if you could judge a book by its cover this would have to be awesome!

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