It’s been a few days now since the end of the inaugural Kapow! Comic Con, and on reflection I think most would agree the event was a success. It brought together major UK and US comic book talent, a Marvel and DC presence unlike many smaller UK cons that take place over the year (although there’s still plenty to be said for the smaller cons, don’t get me wrong), and at the same time fused it with great pieces of UK pop-culture (2000AD, Attack the Block, Misfits) to create something wholly unique.


Kudos has to go to organisers Lucy and Sarah Unwin for putting it together, ambassador Mark Millar roping in his contemporaries, and the small army of relentlessly enthusiastic staff that were on hand to keep everything ticking over nicely. The only complaints I heard during the day were related to queuing, but in an event of this magnitude with panels as desirable as these, there were always going to be queues – that said, most people I saw used the queues as an opportunity to get to know their fellow con-goers, which can be no bad thing.

With any luck, this strong first year will prove to comic publishers and those behind next year’s hotly-anticipated comic book movies (I’m looking at you, Avengers and Dark Knight Rises) that Kapow! is a wholly viable cause and wholly worthy of getting their people over to get their fans excited about upcoming projects.

Unfortunately despite our best efforts, Comic Booked couldn’t be everywhere at once during Kapow! Here’s some brief tidbits announced whilst we were elsewhere (the pub):

  • Nick Spencer and Emma Rios (who is nailing it on Osborn at present) will be launching a Cloak and Dagger series tying into Fear Itself
  • Robert Sheehan has left E4 superhero drama Misfits and will not return for this year’s third series.
  • Source Code and Moon director Duncan Jones revealed he had been in talks to helm The Wolverine.
  • Writer Mark Gatiss revealed that the second series of BBC’s Sherlock would be based on the stories A Scandal in Bohemia, The Hound of the Baskervilles and The Final Problem.
  • Comics professionals at the con walked away with two (count them) Guinness World Records – for Fastest Production of a Comic Book and most Contributors to a Comic Book. Here’s Mark Millar himself two-finger-tapping his way into the record books first thing on Saturday morning:

Mark Millar Guinness Attempt

And for those who’ve missed it, you can catch all of our Kapow! coverage here, or cherry-pick to your heart’s content from the following:

And that’s that!

I’ll leave you with the Cosplay Parade – SuperTed (he’s at the end) wins it for me every time.

See you all at Kapow! 2012!