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Justice League #5 Review

Comic Booked Guest Writer 01/27/2012 Reviews

Darkseid is here and we start this issue with what looks like a full scale invasion. Darkseid and his forces devastate the area of arrival. Local law enforcement quickly over powered and most of the Justice League are already down for the count. The first to get back into the fight, the Flash and Superman.

“Written by GEOFF JOHNS; Art and cover by JIM LEE and SCOTT WILLIAMS; 1:25 Variant cover by ERIC BASALDUA; 1:200 B&W Variant cover by JIM LEE

Now, with the teenaged powerhouse Cyborg at their side, this group of individual heroes must somehow put their differences aside to face the terror of Darkseid!”


Geoff did a great job setting this part up, the build up to forming a full Justice League and the arrival of a threat great enough to face them turned out to be well worth the wait. Darkseid took them all out with his arrival; you feel the power in that alone. Thankfully our heroes are not pushovers and a few get back into the fight quickly. I love that The Flash is the first one up and running. I was actually really worried when he stood there on his own in front of Darkseid. Then Superman is back and the scene that follows is reminiscent of a Superman/Flash race as Darkseid unleashes his Omega Beams on them with their only chance to outrun them. It’s nothing new that Darkseid’s powerful, optically emitted Omega Beams can track a target. What was new to me was that it could track two targets. As the Flash and Superman both separated, so did the beams. A handy trick when dealing with the multiple powerhouses of the Justice League.

The Flash from this point gets to show off his brain. Dealing with something that he possibly can’t outrun for long he instead finds a way to use Darkseid against his own army. It was a very cool Flash moment. Superman however… Well, we get to see that New 52 Superman can’t take a direct shot of Omega Beam like the Classic DC Universe Superman can. Taken down and captured, you really know at this point, this is a fight the Justice League can’t win now.

But that doesn’t faze the fearless Hal Jordan. His ring charged up, he goes after Darkseid solo. The most powerful weapon in the universe and Darkseid shrugs off every attack, shattering constructs left and right. I felt Geoff and Jim Lee really nailed Green Lantern in this scene. He wouldn’t quit and he was ready to die fighting with no back up and no fear. Darkseid even snapped his arm in two places and Hal got back up. It is a good thing that Batman jumps in to stop Hal and be the voice of reason, which lead to the part of the issue I have a problem with. In order to relate to Green Lantern, Batman reveals his identity, and his history. Trying to get through to him that they are a lot alike on this team, they need to be smarter not stronger. My only issue with those panels is that Batman is revealing his identity, right there in the open. Granted it was a waste land, this still didn’t seem like something Batman would do with people he just met.

Things pick back up after that as Green Lantern pulls back to take more of a leadership role and Batman goes after Superman. I like Green Lantern better as a leader then, say, Aquaman, which is where I thought it was going last issue. He regroups the team and makes a plan, offering himself up as Darkseid’s target for the others to get a drop on him. That is such a Hal plan, I loved it. He has a broken arm and he is still willing to take point  in a fight that epic. Cyborg even pointed that out and GL responds with my favorite quote of the issue.

The fight with Darkseid doesn’t happen in this issue but its set up to be a good fight next issue. It’ll be interesting to see how they do as a team, at least most of a team, when Darkseid doesn’t have the element of surprise.

As for Batman, his plan to go after Superman involved letting himself get captured. In true Batman fashion, he was fully capable of getting himself out of that. By the issue’s end, however, his quest takes him far beyond what he could have been prepared for.

In conclusion, I highly recommend this issue, and this series. The art is stunning; legendary artist Jim Lee really delivers panel to panel the most exciting and powerful scenes. As for Geoff, it’s clear this is his playground. He knows these characters very well and takes his time giving each of them a proper spotlight. Although some don’t really have a focus in this issue, you can be sure when it’s their time to shine, it will be a near perfect representation of what you would expect from them. At least that is my opinion. What is yours? Let us know in the forums!

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  1. James Victor Von Hal 01/28/2012 at 5:55 pm

    I am loving this series and this issue so far has been the best. Each character had a chance to shine and delivered some classic lines. The Flash and Aquaman are becoming some of my favorites.

  2. Richard "comicb 01/29/2012 at 2:20 am

    Great review! Love this book and the series

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