Ok… well in the vein of a true fanatic, I guess I should start by saying; Hi all, my name’s Danny and I’m a comic book addict.

I was into comic books before I could even read. Sitting around at a young age in front of the TV, watching Linda Carter and Adam West perform their various exploits, I was enthralled at a world populated by outlandish heroes and colourful villains. My parents – noting my enthusiasm – did little to dissuade me: At bedtime, instead of the regular fairytales the ‘normal’ kids got, My father would read me old issues of the JLA; showing me the action in the accompanying panels as he read aloud the words from the speech bubbles…

I guess you could say it’s all his fault.

Some would say I haven’t really moved on since… well, except I finally learned how to read.  I’m a die-hard DC comics fan, in particular Booster Gold, Doom Patrol, Batman and Zatanna (although I’m certainly not averse to stepping foot into other camps should an intriguing storyline hook me in). To me, the comic book is an art form – It may be a little clichéd these days, but I consider Watchmen to be one of the greatest works of literature ever created.

I consider myself to be a geek of all trades – I love it all; Video games, Movies, TV. If it has something out of the ordinary, I’m there. It was through the love of the genre that I was inspired to write – I’m a published author, and I’ve been featured in sci-fi and horror anthologies such as Big Finish’s Doctor Who: Short Trips range, and Asylum Press’ Asylum of Horrors. Bearing that in mind, the prospect of combining my biggest passions and writing for Comic Booked was just too appealing.

I can go on at times, but hopefully you’ll find my stuff entertaining and worth a look. Thanks for your time, and, as a great man once said…