There was a time in your comic book life when you busted your tail off to get a comic to complete a collection. Now it could be major dreck, however it didn’t matter – you had to get it. Finding a Ambush Bug #2 or a NFL Superpro #4 (yes, it made it past #1) sometimes is harder then finding a New Mutants #98. Logic says the seller is going to be putting up his demand items, not his supply items – so a simple eBay search isn’t going to help you.

NFL SuperPro #1

NFL Superpro #1

MOST stores are going to have it in their sale areas and if asked to look for it, well good luck – but you are a determined collector and MUST have it. You might pass up a great comic in a longbox because you have to find that cover springing out of the box at you and you hug and yell in gleam… “I’ve got it!” You rush it home showing all your friends who seem to say the favorite “great“, but you don’t hear the sarcasm in their voice. You get a bag and board because you aren’t going to use the bag it came in or the board because you have to pamper that new comic in your collection. You run to log it into your book, you sharpen your pencil and BANG you mark ‘check!’ Your body fills with joy, you smile ear to ear, years of the search is over. You spread out your collection on a table gleaming over NFL Superpro #1 thru 12. IT’S ALL YOURS. The Holy Grail is found, the crusade is over.

Now as dramatic as it sounds in my twenty-nine years of collecting I have done this over and over. I love the storytelling of how I found it and where, or the trade I did, or the anticipation of the mail man dropping off to me. Now this isn’t about Action #1, but tangible comics that anybody could afford – so next time you see that collector rummaging through a dreck box it just might be someone on a crusade searching for his Holy Grail. When he finds it try not to say “great” but join in his glory for NO ONE likes to celebrate this GRAND moment by themselves.