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Is Stan Lee Ok?

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All of Stan Lee’s upcoming appearances have been cancelled due to “a very serious circumstance,” but what does it mean?  At times he’s seemed every bit as durable as the superheroes he’s helped create, even more so in recent years.  Stan Lee’s dynamic personality has provided a great energy to the industry as he’s emerged as an even more visible public figure, and his work ethic has helped him to look like one of the youngest eighty-nine year olds walking the Earth.  That vigor and passion that’s come to define him is exactly why seeing his upcoming convention and appearances cancelled is so worrisome.

Stan The Man Lee has cancelled upcoming appearances due to a very serious circumstance.“A very serious circumstance” is a damningly vague reason, and while we want to respect his privacy the phrase leaves us all full of worry and speculation.  It could be his health, it could be the health of someone close to him, but whatever it is it’s definitely something that leaves me with the sick feeling that I will be reporting some more bad news soon along with this.  Here are some official releases and snippets, but all I really want to hear is some good ole’ fashioned Stan Lee snark to put me at ease.

From Wizard World:

Last night, we were informed by Stan Lee’s management thatStan would be unable to attend any upcoming appearances for the near future, including the Ohio Comic Con, as well as the “Authors Authors” Toledo-Lucas County Public Library appearance set for this Thursday, September 27th. We will let fans know more as we know more details. Refunds will be issued starting Monday for all VIP, Photo Ops and Autograph Tickets. We hope to have Stan back again soon at our New Orleans event.


From The Toledo Blade:

The only information we have at this point is that Mr. Lee can’t make it Sept. 27.

Library spokesman Susan Gibney said Mr. Lee’s agent did not give a specific reason for the cancellation, other than to say it was for “a very serious circumstance.”


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