So recently I went to the theaters to see Iron Man 2 for the third time. There of course were many things I noticed this time compared to the first…such as.. In the scene with Hammer (Sam Rockwell) and Vanko (Mickey Rourke) discussing the deal to get rid of Iron Man… take a close look at the inside of Hammers hands. If you look closely you will see his fake tan lines on his finger creases. Now I don’t know about you but in my opinion it fits Justin Hammers personality perfectly. Now I just can’t help but wonder if they actually did that on purpose.

Also noticed some scenes weren’t in the movie…such as the scene where Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) kisses Iron Mans (Robert Downey Jr.) mask.  Or even the scene where Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) herself gets to fire off one of Iron Mans gloves. I’ll be looking for these in the deleted scenes on the DVD for sure.

Now each time I saw this movie…the only thing going through my head was…I want to be an Ironette…so.. What did I do? I went ahead and recreated the costume.

With some lycra and incredible power of LED light rings….I present to you the finished project.

Ta Da!!!

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