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Inside Gaming Awards 2011; Courtesy of Machinima

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It’s amazing when you think about it.  There are a number of award ceremonies for each genre, including movies, films, and even video games have had a few in recent years.  We are often awarded with a show that tends to be rather long and tedious at times.  We get to see bands sweating halfway down their fronts, as they themselves wonder why they are at this particular ceremony at all (Some I’ve found rather comical as they had an obvious form of stage fright, despite being pros at singing to regular audiences).

Still, it’s long, and usually unsurprising as to who won the award (with the occasional surprise coming from an unlikely candidate), with the ceremony itself feeling like it was spread out far too long.   Also, to bring it up, it is often heavily influenced by the television station that they are a part of, so occasionally you hear a video game won the ‘best game overall’ and it usually feels a bit one-sided.*@nicolesixx_*

So when I heard about the In Gaming Awards, I was a little surprised to hear it was developed by Machinima, an online corporation that spreads itself through the internet (Though why am I explaining this, especially since everyone who’s reading my article would know everything about them.)

Nicci and I were invited, surprisingly, and even got to sit down at a table at the bottom floor, quite a feat in itself.  I was a little too excited by all the stuff that was going on around us, and Nicci even chuckled a bit as I was apparently listening to every audio that was being played right before the ceremony started.

To my amazement, Machinima and Inside Gaming didn’t want to prolong the ceremony (and trust me, 14 awards were given out in the process of roughly an hour)!  The majority of the awards given were surprising as well, as this was an award ceremony where the nominees were voted for by the people, and not by a group of delegates.

Best Sound Design: Dead Space 2

And we started out with a bang.  I did feel it was going to be as close call between Uncharted 3 and DeadSpace 2, but we all know that the sound of heads exploding is far more breathtaking than… well… two boulders sliding together.
Awards given to: Steve Papoutsis, Executive Producer of Dead Space 2

Best Original Score: Bastion

I wasn’t totally sure who was going to win this, but I kind of hoped it was Bastion.  It had the most original music I’ve heard in sometime!
Award given to: Darren Korb from SuperGiant Games

Most Original Game: Rock of Ages

Holy Crap!  The game with a boulder as the main character is the winner!  I hope he didn’t over hear me make the comment about two boulders together isn’t an impressive sound!
Awards Handed to:  Rob Stone and Clayton Chan, producers of Rock of Ages

Best Downloadable Game: Bastion
Okay, you got me, I kind of figured Bastion was going to win this.  It was original, and amazing, and that was just seeing the gameplay footage!
Awards given to: Amir Rao and Greg Kasavin from SuperGiant Games

Best DLC: Fallout New Vegas – Old World Blues
Heh, behold, a good DLC to what I thought oddly was a DLC to Fallout 3 when it first came out.  How silly was I when I first thought that.  Doh well.  I am happy for the team of Fallout 3.
Awards given to:  Mikey Dowling and Jason Fader, Associate and Technical Producer0

Most Compelling Character – Wheatley – Portal 2
Heh, There was so much cheering for a lot of the characters that were on the list, except for Verric, it was like grasshoppers hit the room and scared everyone out o.o
Awards given to:  A Turret since Valve couldn’t show.

Best Indie Game – Bastion

Okay, yeah, this one didn’t surprise me.  All the Indie games here were all interesting and looked fun, but Bastion was the one with the biggest roar for approval from the audience itself.
Awards given to:  Amir Rao and Greg Kasavin  from SuperGiant Games

Best Game Cinematography – Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception

I’m actually not surprised, at all really.  One thing that I can admit to when it comes to the Uncharted series, it was the fact that it had very awesome cinematography.
Awards given to:  Eric Monacelli, the Community Strategist at Naughty Dog

Best Animation – Batman: Arkham City

This category was hard to figure out, as they all had really great graphics and animation.  But, I’m glad to see that Batman: Arkham City won, as it did have great animation.
Awards given to:  Sefton Hill. Co-Founder of Rocksteady

Best Art Direction – Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Another hard choice, much like Best Animation.  I am glad that Deus Ex: HR did win, as it was only nominated for two categories, the same as with Batman: Arkham City.
Awards given to:  Jean-Francois Dugas, Lead Game Designer

Best Narrative – Portal 2

Heh, I must admit I thought the Witcher 2 or L.A. Noire would have cleared this one, but Portal 2 beat them to it.  Good going Portal 2!
Awards given to:  Valve could not make it unfortunately.

Best Multiplayer – Gears of War 3

Really now?  I am actually glad to hear that! I should probably try out the Multiplayer mode.  From what I saw in the commercials, it was already unusual from the get go.
Awards given to:  Cliff Bleszinski, Lead- oh hell, you know who he is.

Best Trailer – Dead Island – Offical annoucement Trailer
Okay, only thing that made me sad was the fact that they didn’t show the actual E3 Trailer for Saints Row the Third, as that was the reason why I drooled all over my desk.  Still, Dead Island’s Annoucnement Trailer truly did deserve the props, as it was the most memorable trailer.
Awards given to:  Peter Brolly, Developer from Deep Silver

Game of the Year – The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

This had the longest list of them all, full of various games  that I did kind of feel like I should wince, while some others were at least noteworthy for being nominees.  But let’s face it, they started out with Skyrim, and seeing how much popularity there was within the first few days of its release?  Yeah, everyone knew it was going to win.  Odd though that it won despite barely being out for the month; but oh well, it does deserve its reward.
Awards given to:  The Skyrim Team.


And this concludes the award ceremony that Nicole and I got to see during the last month of 2011.  Thank you again Inside Gaming, as well as Machinima, for creating such an amazing award Ceremony.  It was an amazing evening, and something I would love to come to and watch again.

And for everyone that wants to see the show itself,  well, here

Nicole Sixx

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