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Infestation: Ghostbusters #2 – ZOMBIE STAY-PUFT

Skott Jimenez 03/24/2011 Reviews

Written by: Erik Burnham
Art by: Kyle Hotz
Published by: IDW
Cover price: $3.99

Zombie Stay-Puft. That’s right ZOMBIE Stay-Puft.

I could just say that and end this review right now because the pure amount of awesome in that simple blurb cannot be topped. I have a minimum requirement, though, so I shall continue:

When the last issue ended, the Ghostbusters realized they had something of a zombie problem as well as an escaped ghost problem. To add to that, Mr. Stay-Puft was one of the ghosts who escaped their containment unit!

Britt, the Undermind’s herald of sorts, appears before the Ghostbusters and

Interior from Infestation: Ghostbusters #2

gives them a rather slanted version of the Infestation. She seemingly convinces them that she represents an entity that’s malevolent. She convinces them that the zombies are meant to weaken a specific power in their reality and that no harm will befall them.
The power in question is Gozer, also known as the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man. While it isn’t exactly explained what Undermind needs with Stay-Puft, it does make for a great full page panel when he’s being attacked by a large group of zombies.


The Ghostbusters realize they are going to have to help Stay-Puft. The zombies infest the massive Marshmallow Man and using the knowledge of what happens when a ghost and a zombie end up together, as seen last issue, they release a whole lot of ghosts to attack zombie Stay-Puft and the end result makes the problem TWICE as bad. The cool thing is we finally get to see Stay-Puft throw down with something just as big and twice as ugly as he is!

While this issue featured a great fight sequence, the real story here is Britt. She was searching for something very specific in this universe. Apparently, she was needing just a portion of Gozer’s essence. What Undermind needs with this is a mystery and how it will effect Gozer Stay-Puft in the future is still in question but it does set up some very interesting things for the future of the Ghostbusters…

…Especially the little ‘gift’ Britt left behind for the Ghostbusters.

Overall, Ghostbusters was a really fun chapter in this event. The characters were very well written and the art respected the feel of the movies as well as mixing it with the tone of the story. Erik Burnham and Kyle Hotz really did a bang-up job on this and if they re-team for future Ghostbusters stories I will be more apt to check it out.

This is a really short review, I know, but the issue was pretty dominated by the Stay-Puft/Zombie fight and that’s not something I can really cover because you simply have to see it to believe it!

Next Week: Infestation CONCLUDES!!!

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