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Infestation 2: Transformers #2 REVIEW

Skott Jimenez 02/18/2012 Reviews

The concluding issue for Infestation 2: Transformers continues the interest and excitement from the first issue!

When we left off the Elder Gods had awakened from the ocean depths and had taken over the forms of some of the Decepticons, and later, the Autobot Iron Hide, as well as many humans in the ocean side community  near it’s awakening.

The Autobots, along with Tobias Muldoon and Nikola Tesla, go on a quest to find and awaken the only being that might stand a chance at fighting this thing: Optimus Prime!

So, the driving force between this is the battle between Prime and the monster, and this is where this issue both succeeds and fails.

The success is showing Prime at his best. He knows the danger and the source; he also realizes that he might be the only one with the power to stop it and, in typical Prime fashion, he dives in head first and takes on the beast face to face to save the world and, perhaps, the universe. Transformers, Infestation 2  Seeing Prime run through possessed Transformers and dive into the water to fight a monster way bigger than he is was fantastic! It’s also where the story gets a little shaky.

With this only being a two issue miniseries, there isn’t much time to dive into some specifics. For example, it appears that all Prime does it cut the monster and beat it up a bit, then it sinks back to the depths along with its minions. Why couldn’t the combined Naval might of Great Britain, America, France and Germany not accomplish the same thing?  Seems like it would have made more sense to have something like this reality’s version of the Autobot Matrix come into play; it would at least explain why Prime could do what the world’s Navy could not.

Be that as it may, this was still a highly entertaining story. I would love to see more of the Hearts Of Steel world. I can see how the ending of this could lead into, possibly, another miniseries at the very least. I know if IDW were to plan something like that as a follow up to the events of Infestation 2 I would certainly be on board!

I’d also like to point out the creative team here, writer Chuck Dixon and artist Guido Guidi did a fantastic job bringing life to this world. Any follow ups with Hearts Of Steel should be handled by these guys only! Dixon’s Prime was very well written. I was hearing the G1 Prime in my head while reading his dialogue and Guidi’s art, combining the tech from this era and the Transformers, was awesome. He was able to have enough of what we needed to recognize these characters while keeping them firmly involved in the world around them.

Final Thoughts:
The Transformers portion of Infestation 2 is over. It was a lot better than their part of the original Infestation but still fell victim to the 2-issue format. I appreciate how IDW likes to keep these events on a tight schedule so they don’t drag on and on like certain other events, but perhaps if there were to be an Infestation 3 (rumor has it…), we could either make these 3-issues OR perhaps add more pages and keep the 2-issue format. If it means a fuller story I wouldn’t mind paying $4.99.  When dealing with the Transformers you need to time to explain why things like zombies and tentacled monsters could be a treat to them.

So, my final thought on this is that Infestation 2 was a much better outing for the Transformers, but I would have liked to have seen more and had a better explanation as to why Prime was the only one who could win the fight. Also, the fight itself should have been longer because what we see is exciting and a perfect example of why Prime is awesome but it was over almost before it began.

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    Where was Sally Field? Shia LaBeoufs (yes that is a real name) mum was an incredibly annoying character but she reminded me of Sally Fields. If Sally Fields had played her I would have probably found her slightly less annoying. Why not just use Sally Field, Bay, you cheap bastard?

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