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Infestation 2: Dungeons & Dragons #2 REVIEW

Skott Jimenez 02/23/2012 ZDONOTUSE

The first half of Infestation 2 is over and, so far, the Elder Gods have not succeeded in destroying the Transformers, but what about Dungeons & Dragons?

Continuing the story of the Elder Gods attack on the realm of Eberron the concluding issue for Dungeons & Dragons moves fast and doesn’t give us much chance to catch our breath!

Abraxis Wren, while trying to solve a murder case, inadvertently frees one of the Elder Gods that had attacked this realm long ago but was eventually trapped. True to form, Wren refuses to accept he was the direct cause but quickly sets out to correct the presumed mistake he made.

Infestation 2, Dungeons & Dragons, IDW PublishingWhile chaos runs rampant and madness overcomes Eberron, Wren alone seems able to think clearly and figure out a possible solution for the problem.

This is where I’ve really started to like this character in just two far-too-short issues. He keeps his head because his ego prevents him from losing it. After getting the full story on the Old One who attacked and was captured, and after learning that the disappearances and murder he was hired to investigate were all part of a plan to contain the beast as well as communicate with it in hopes of preventing more infestations, he comes up with a plan that is, as he says, like him: brillaint, cunning, and incredibly handsome.

He’s Sherlock Holmes and Jack Of Fables all in one!

His plan is difficult, improbable but not impossible: create something called a Gate Spell and force the creature into the realm of Daanvi, a plane of absolute Order, the exact opposite of a creature of Chaos. The problem is that to create a gate the size he needs he’s going to need a lot of wizards and time is running out: the Madness is spreading and the wizards are all evacuating.

His solution for this is to hijack and kidnap a boat load of wizards, preventing their escape, and quickly explain his plan. Fortunately, they all seem to understand and the Gate Spell is executed.

It’s here that we find out how all this seemed possible: someone in Eberron was working with the monster, becoming something of an anchor for it. This person has to die, cutting off a solid connection the beast has with this realm and allowing it to be trapped or destroyed.

In the end, and without giving away to many details, the beast is destroyed and Eberron is saved. Wren takes full credit but zero responsibility and becomes a character that I would be willing to read more of.

Final Thoughts:

I honestly wasn’t too sure about this part of Infestation 2. I’m not a fan or follower of the Dungeons & Dragons franchise and know nothing beyond the name. Having said that, however, I fully enjoyed this 2-parter and felt very comfortable reading it. While there were things mentioned and referenced that I didn’t understand completely, I was able to figure it out and enjoyed it all.

The final battle was pretty epic and there was a sense that, while it had to turn out for the best, there was a sense that it might not. The battle was drawn out a bit better than the fight with Optimus Prime, with a bit more detail on what was going on, and was another fine chapter in this epic event!

I’m still jazzed for this story and can’t wait to see what happens next!

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