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Infestation 2: Dungeons & Dragons #1 REVIEW

Skott Jimenez 02/16/2012 Reviews

Having escaped in Infestation 2 #1 the Elder Gods begin to make their presence felt in the different realities that make up the IDW Universe. While still attacking the world of Transformers: Hearts Of Steel, the Elder Gods also find their way into the world of Dungeons & Dragons…

This book was delayed from last week.

Written by Paul Crilley with art by Valerio Schiti, this story takes place in the D&D realm of Eberron and follows the exploits of Abraxis Wren known as an Inquisitive, or private investigator. The story opens with Wren closing a murder case in pure Holmes style then retiring to his home with cohort Torin.

With the introduction of a young woman looking for her brother who came up missing from a cell in an asylum, a cell with a locked door and no windows, Wren unknowingly begins on the path that will take him face to face with an ancient evil.

For the most part, this book caters completely to fans of the D&D franchise with little in the way for readers, like myself, who have next to no knowledge of these worlds to latch onto. As Wren travels from place to place to gather clues and information about the girl’s missing brother I couldn’t help but think some of this stuff might be significant if I knew anything about D&D.

That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy it. Abraxis Wren is a very interesting character and the world he exists in is fascinating. While I wasn’t drawn into this one as much as I was drawn into the Transformers book a few weeks back, I was still able to enjoy this as something of a crossover issue. Infestation Dungeons & Dragons

This was another minor issue here: Only the last handful of pages even touched on the Infestation premise. I say this is a minor issue because Crilley also had to flesh this world out as best as he could while still making it part of the Infestation event. It’s a difficult thing to do, especially when trying o make it easy for non-followers of D&D to get into.

I honestly think he did a great job. Wren is fairly fleshed out, he’s Sherlock Holmes with long white hair and pointy ears, and is an interesting guy. I’m not sure if he’s a jerk or not but he’s interesting.

The realm of Eberron is fascinating as well although some of the things seen could have been explained more, it wasn’t important to the story so it’s easy to just accept it.

I realize this review is fairly vague and contradicts itself but this is an odd sort of book for me. I’m not a fan of D&D but I’m a huge fan of the Infestation events. That makes this book interesting to review. While I don’t understand the workings of things or the references to items in this book, I was still fully entertaining and am looking to see how Wren and this realm is able to fight and defeat the Elder Gods.

While I expected these to be my least favorite books in this series, I was still fully entertained. Paul Crilley did a wonderful job keeping it clear enough for someone like me to understand the basics and enjoy the story. I do look forward to next week’s conclusion!

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