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Indie Comic Spotlight: Guttertown Massive

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Guttertown Massive is a new indie comic project that I first learned about at my LCS here in Seattle, Zanadu Comics. Guttertown’s writer, “K.C. Silver” or Casey Silvia as I know him, works at Zanadu and told me that he and artist “Dimi Mac,” would be at the Emerald City Comicon debuting their new project. Curious and always supportive about work happening right here in my city, I stopped by Brandon Graham‘s booth at ECCC where Casey and Dimi were stationed for the weekend, to get some stuff signed by Mr. Graham and pick up Guttertown Massive “Beat Fighter Convention Promo Mix.” Later that night I ran into Dimi “Mac” Macheras at the ECCC Live Art Event and was able to talk with him for a while about the project, and just comics in general. Both Casey and Dimi are really nice guys, and I have finally had a chancGuttertown Massive Cover Art from to check out their Guttertown Massive debut promo, and now you can as well!

So what is the premise of Guttertown Massive? Here is the intro straight from the promo issue itself:

“In the near future, after the days of the Crippling, humanity has survived by taking refuge in overcrowded Cityworks run by corporations at the cost of their freedom. While most are content to live in the gutter, some dream of the stars.”

The story in this promo centers around “Beat Fighting” in the underground raver circuit. What is “Beat Fighting?” A drug or some type of mysterious substance is placed into a special technological rig that allows “Beat Fighters” or “Generators” to create music and visual constructs, as they battle other Generators and entertain onlookers in the process. Bets are made, reputations are built or destroyed, people dance, it’s all quite a spectacle. Our protagonist is Davon, a rising star in this cutthroat underground world, who wants to rise through the ranks on the merits of his hard work and skills, not false bravado and hype. Standing in his path is a popular Beat Fighter named Reno, who seems more concerned with money and power instead of the actual art of creation, and who does not seem to care much for Devon and his dignity and ideals.

This first dose Guttertown Massive does a nice job of introducing us to this world of the future, and offering a glimpse of what’s to come. The story has some familiar dystopian elements, but remains wildly original in its premise. The black and white art is packed with detail and kinetic spark, and contains some elements that remind me a little of Judge Dredd and Kevin Eastman work, which I was quite fond of. But don’t just take my word for it. Thanks to a handy dandy widget on the Official Guttertown Massive Blog, I have embedded this first mini installment for you to check out for yourself directly below.

Be sure to follow future Guttertown Massive developments on their blog, and if you like what you see be sure to help spread the word about this fledgling indie comic project!

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