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Increasing Commercialization of Superhero Comics

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Superheroes are one of the more timeless parts of media history. They nearly all started in comic book form many decades ago and have remained largely unchanged over the years. Take Batman as an example. The original comic was released in the 1930 as “The Case of the Chemical Syndicate”. It was not until the eighties that Frank Miller released the first animated TV series. The story increased in popularity over the years, particularly after the release of the first feature movie in 1989. This marked the launch of a trilogy, which preceded a second trilogy which ended with “The Dark Knight Rises” in 2012.
Throughout the past two decades, more and more money has been pumped into commercializing the Batman ‘franchise’. Various video console games have been released and more recently, there have been video gambling slot games and online scratch cards based on the superhero story.
There are numerous other good casino games which are based on superhero stories. Marvel comics, who are responsible for creating most of the popular superheroes, have recently been establishing numerous links with the gambling world as they have licensed a number of their stories out to game developers. You can now play slots such as ‘The Incredible Hulk’, ‘X-Men’ and ‘Spiderman’. More recently, as the online casino industry has stretched into the emerging mobile market, you’ll notice many mobile casino sites popping up, some of which hosts these superhero slots. You can find information on some of these casinos at As technology continues to improve, developers are able to make more exciting and engaging games and it would not be particularly surprising to see another series of superhero games launched again soon.
These superhero stories have evolved from a modest comic book business with loyal fans, to a multi-million dollar industry involved in many sectors. Some diehard fans of the classic stories have shown disapproval of the exploitation on these stories as they have been re-created time and time again, all in the name of profit. These loyal fans are concerned that the brand is losing its integrity and starting to appear as tacky as a result of the churning out of so many different versions and re-releases.
On the other hand, it has been suggested that the use of the batman franchise in the various different sectors (TV, film, merchandise) has resulted in people becoming more acquainted and familiar with the brand, which will promote it in the long term. The release of Hollywood films, although they are commercial activities, will undoubtedly lead to more exposure, which will benefit the brand. As well as this, activities such as these bring people closer to the comic book industry, which has been steadily declining for years. By increasing the interest in this industry, more money will get pumped into it, which in turn will reverse the decline.
Overall, it seems as though the commercialization of superhero brands, although somewhat compromising integrity, will benefit the brand and the comic book industry on the whole over time.

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