Comic book publisher Image Comics has just released a teaser for “Jade the Blade,” one of the main characters in its new series Five Weapons. Each “weapon” in the series is represented by a certain character with a slogan. Previously released in a similar teaser was “Darryl the Arrow,” whose slogan was “I am smarter than you.”

Jade the Blade takes a bit harsher route, with her blade in hand as you can practically hear her saying, “When class is over I will cut you in half.” Not exactly the everyday schoolgirl. The teasers for the new series are now being released one by one, with the series itself expected to come out early next year.

What can we expect from Five Weapons? Danger, excitement, and—best of all—the unexpected. Though little about the series has been revealed so far, Image Comics has already proven itself to be a great publisher, and these books will almost certainly be worth a good look.

In the meantime, you can visit Image’s website at for a look at the other teasers as they come out. Please stay tuned to Comic Booked for more information as it becomes available!

Jade the blade