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Image comics review: Morning Glories #38 – spoiled

David Hinspeter 04/20/2014 Reviews

Morning Glories #38

Spencer, Eisma, Esquejo, Little, Lowe, Daniel, Meylikhov


I will most certainly be SPOILING!

The story so far: You know what? I am not really even going to try. This series has been completely intriguing without offering up really any answers. It is possible to come up with your own theories and I have one strong one of my own. But the devil is in the details here and I would have to give you a scene-by-scene review and there just isn’t any time.

So here goes the broad stroke summary of the series so far. Morning Glories is a series about several kids, all exceptionally intelligent, over achievers in every way, being accepted to the most prestigious academy in the world. Immediately after arriving, the thin veneer of conventional education is peeled away, exposing dozens of vendettas, mysteries, secrets, and dangerous lessons that are administered throughout the academy. Most recently, the warring factions among the teachers, whom seem to be a cabal of some sort, have come closer together, and the leader of one of the sides was nearly killed. Due to the actions of several groups of students, the leader, Abraham, vanished form his cell.

And now you are as up to date as I can make you, let the review commence!

The opening of Morning Glories #38, like many of the issues in the series, opens on a scene that has already taken place in a previous issue. This scene is between the overbearing, thuggish teacher, Mr. Gribbs and the student counselor. This time the story follows Mr. Gribbs as he wakes up from his injuries and he flops out of his clinic bed. The first word out of his mouth is the man he wants dead more than anyone in the world, Abraham.


The other school’s leader, who had disappeared from custody, wakes up in a room that would give Indiana Jones Irritable Bowel Syndrome. He pushes himself up out of the tangle of serpents and steps out of the room revealing that he is in some middle eastern or Persian country.


His son continues to womanize, but heads straight for the girl that is the closest to a friend as he has in this school. While she is resistant to his company, she still tries to warn him as Mr. Briggs rolls up behind him with two flunkies and the Academy’s head nurse. Mr. Briggs drafts him.

Back with Abraham, a few agents are looking for him in the crowded bazaar her is in. He finds himself without cover and by himself, but someone convinces his pursuers that he is in a different direction. This is revealed almost immediately to be Walid, one of Abraham’s special children. The two beat a hasty retreat.


Back at the Academy, Brigg’s brings Ian down into the room where Ian’s father was previously held captive, and Brigg’s himself got shot in the head. The plan to forge some sort of link between Abraham and his son and use it to locate the escaped leader begins to take shape, and the nurse injects Ian with some kind of hallucinogenic cocktail.

Ian is experiencing where his father is, but can’t seem to communicate it. Brigg’s begins abusing the boy, in an effort to force the information out of him. The beating continues until Ian mutters a single word: Morocco.


The issue ties up with Abraham meeting two of his former students and what appears to be an old acquaintance, a woman named Zoe.

While this issue is a little lighter on the mysterious and mystical intruige, it holds up it’s strong tradition of thickening the plot without resolving anything, or even answering any questions. Morning Glories is one of the few series in the market that can make everything so complicated, so vague and nebulous, that it should be frustrating to read, but instead we are simply more entertained and willing to dive deeper and wait a little longer for the explanation. I have read every issue so far, and I can honestly say, next month can’t come fast enough.

My rating 4 /5

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