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Image Comics Great Pacific #1 Sells Out!

Comic Booked 11/09/2012 News, ZDONOTUSE

Exciting times at Image Comics! Their upcoming title GREAT PACIFIC, has sold out. The book isn’t due to hit until the 14th, and they are already going into a second printing. With storytelling by Joe Harris, and art by Martín Morazzo, this comic has promise to be a fan favorite.

[quote]”Although it won’t be in stores until November 14, GREAT PACIFIC #1 has already sold out at the distributor level, leading Image Comics to immediately go back to press on the issue. The second printing (SEP128309) will be in stores as the same day GREAT PACIFIC #2, December 5.
An early debut with a limited New York Comic Con exclusive of GREAT PACIFIC #1 raised the profile of the comics series, which tells the story of a rich young man who decides to make the Great Pacific Garbage Patch his own domain. Joe Harris (Ghost ProjektThe Fury of Firestorm) writes and Martín Morazzo draws and colors the series.

GREAT PACIFIC #1 also has a coveted Phantom Variant cover, which is available only in twenty select comic book stores.”[/quote]

“TRASHED!”, Part One
[quote]”Chas Worthington dreams of big things, solving bigger problems, and making his mark on the world. Only no one takes the twenty-one year-old heir to one of the biggest oil fortunes in history very seriously. That is, until he turns his back on his cushy life of wealth and prestige, and seeks to solve an environmental disaster twice the size of his native Texas known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. The epic sci-fi adventure and survival tale begins!”[/quote]

Great Pacific Image


There’s so much potential here!  The rich youth dedicating himself to changing his world sounds like it has hints of Batman or Green Arrow, but minus the colorful costumes of course!  This could be a big impact issue.  Will environmental enthusiasts have something new to rally around?  Comic Booked is looking forward to Great Pacific #1…..Are you?



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  1. christofbogacs 11/14/2012 at 4:10 pm

    I certainly am. Nice to see what appears to be a completely original new series doing well.

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