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Image Comic Review: Real Heroes #3 – spoiled

David Hinspeter 06/13/2014 Reviews

Real Heroes #3



I will most certainly be SPOILING!

This. Issue. Was. Amazing!

When I first started reading this series I was very critical because I had seen the basic idea several times before. The second issue got better but this issue just skyrocketed this series.

real heroes 3 - 1

If you’ll recall, last issue ended with an enormous Mutant dive tackling the majority of the team right out the side of the flying fortress. Leo, the speedster of the group, finds that his fall is slowing down. That’s right, folks, they are ending up with powers. The four Olympians that are falling through the air all begin to exhibit the powers of their characters. Jennifer shrinks and lands on a bird, Chris, the leader of the team takes one hell of a beating, and even the coke-addicted actor shoots up his boosters and survives the fall. Just before the mutant hits the ground, Leo steps off and shoots half way across the country!

real heroes 3 - 2

Brianchild remains in the ship with the fake Longbow and Hardware. He shares that he knows they are not the real Olympians due to him being the smartest man on earth and that the real Longbow and Hardware would’ve decimated mutants already. Confused, Longbow asks why he showed up knowing that they weren’t the real Olympians. He stated that his own agenda is nearly the same, and that peace is the best option. Given the opportunity, Longbow and Hardware discuss it and decide that they would all like to go home.

Jennifer begins to enjoy her ride on a bird until she almost crashes into a veritable congo line of Devastators. As Leo actually keeps moving across the country, he ends up in San Francisco, just in time to see those Devastators begin attacking the San Andreas Fault.

Here is the most interesting line in the comic. As Brainchild is watching the Devastators sever California from the continental US, he exclaims;

“It shouldn’t be happening.  We said there’d be peace.  They should have stopped!”

The ensuing earthquake swallows up Leo. The Patriot, who after surviving his fall ended up in a bar (shocked face), tries to leave to meet up with his friends, when a soldier from this world viciously attacks him, blaming him for not being around when the entire military was destroyed.

The comic ends with the new Olympian stumbling to his mother’s apartment. The shocking twist for him was that in this world, his father, his DEAD father, lives here.

Holy cow! The obvious parallels of Real Heroes compared to Galaxy Quest end in the high concept. I love the fact that by wearing the Olympians’ outfits, the heroes actually gain their powers. The theatricality of Brainchild and his supposed rival Smitty is interesting considering the Brainchild’s words. I wonder who the big bad is that had the Olympians killed. Finally, the social discord surrounding the Patriot has some really interesting repercussions. This issue blew all of my expectations out of the water and I just can’t wait to see what happens next month.

My rating 5 / 5



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