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Image Comic Review: Real Heroes #2 – Spoiled

David Hinspeter 05/07/2014 Reviews

Real Heroes #2

Bryan Hitch


I will most certainly be SPOILING!


Few things could put you in worse spirits than finding out that you were the target of a relentless machine from a world you thought was make believe. Except maybe seeing how the heroes from that world died, the same heroes you are being asked to impersonate. That is how Real Heroes #2 starts.

The Olympians, or rather, the cinematic Olympians, are being lead away from the building they stepped in at the behest of their new host. Moving as quickly as possible, they are lead onto a ship called the Hopper and take off just in time to see the building explode. That explosive display has finally driven it home for the group of actors; they finally accept that this is not their world.

real heroes 2

It is surprising how much time is devoted to showcasing the Pantheon, which is somewhere between the Justice League watchtower and the Carrier from the Authority. The Host’s plan begins to take shape, as he explains that the fake Olympians look identical to the perished ones. If they dress in the Olympian’s super outfits and make a plea for peace, perhaps the enemy, Brainchild, will end his war.

real heroes 3

What follows in an excellent scene where several of the Olympians don their outfits again, for the first time! (sorry, couldn’t help it) The most interesting being Longbow’s contacts, which sync the bow with the archer, making it nearly impossible for her to miss. Wheels has a new wheelchair which is hinted at being more than a wheelchair and the outfits are said to bond with the skin. The scene also reveals what will most likely become a decision point scene for cocaine-addicted actor. It is revealed that the Booster’s his hero alter ego uses to increase his abilities would react with his drugs, lobotomizing him immediately.

The speech that the new Olympians give is riveting, and for the second time this issue I am reminded of the Authority, when Jenny Sparks would address the world. The speeches rarely have the kind of response that the Olympian’s did. Almost immediately upon completion, just as their host is telling them to change out of their clothes so they can go home, an invasion alarm goes off. The Brainchild’s mutants make their first appearance, rushing in to confront what they think are the actual, super powered, Olympians.

real heroes 4

The Brainchild shows up in all of his visible-brained glory and demands to know if peace is a trick or not. Before our heroes can answer, one of the mutants, apparently named Brute, screams that he is hungry and tackles several of the “Olympians” through the side of the HQ and into free fall. No one could summarize better than the Brainchild himself;

“Well, that could have gone better.”

I will say this for Real Heroes, for a comic built entirely on clichés and a relatively common concept; it is becoming more and more entertaining. The familiar and new feel of the world, costumes, powers, and characters is really working for this story, which is surprising considering that same feel suffocated the first issue. Also, the nonchalance of Brainchild is an excellent and organic angle for the character. Real Heroes pulled itself out of gutter and made sure I’d be pulling it again, in a few weeks.

My rating 4 / 5

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