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Image Comic Review: Rat Queens #6 – spoiled

David Hinspeter 05/12/2014 Reviews

Rat Queens #6

Wiebe, Upchurch


I will most certainly be SPOILING!

Yes! The wait is over! Rat Queens #6 opens with a page of morning-afters, to cap off the end of the party from last issue. Apparently Dee is lonely, Betty is happy, Hannah is miserably confused and dramatic, and Violet, well Violet and Orc Dave are just fine. The day begins with death threats and flapjacks until the Queens are summoned to talk to the mayor.

Hannah and Violet are seen, in the very next scene, to be defending themselves, trying to prevent their ejection from town. The offense in question?  Breaking off the penis of the “gift of Palisade”, a statue somewhere between Davinci’s Michael and Poseidon. Before the screaming match comes to blows, the mayor tells them that he is there to pay them, offer them another job, and hope their heroic actions will continue civilly.



Sawyer is deep into an investigation, looking for Burnadette, the woman who hired the assassins that were hunting the Rat Queens. He finds a clue and follows up on it, expecting something very different than what he finds; The Merchant Guild rep who was performing rituals in the last issue. Despite how formidable we know Sawyer to be, the black magic of the Merchant incapacitates him completely with little to no effort.

With the Queens out and about, looking for the caravan they were hired to attack, we are treated to an oddly sisterly moment between Violet and Hannah, and yet another instance where we see that Betty really is the heart of the group. Between Hannah and Dee, it is hard to tell who is going to storm away first, although they both have their reasons.

The next scene with the Queens is a side splitter, with Dee, Vi, and Hannah cutting down several mushroom people…and Betty eating them for their psychedelic effects. The groups prowess and teamwork gets a bit of a spotlight, and Dee tries to explain to Betty why what she is doing is pushing it. Betty only has one response;

“Well, they aren’t using their bits anymore…”



Our girls are heading home to get paid, in the pouring rain. They are trying to talk to Hannah about her relationship with Sawyer but she isn’t having it and she breaks from the group. Dee and Betty make plans to have some sugar cookies and tea when a man, that Violet points out is dressed oddly like Dee, shows up in their path. Despite Violet’s bluster and the continued threats of violence, Dee shares who the man is; her husband.

Hannah tries to visit Sawyer, and he isn’t home. We know why, but she does not.  In a surly mood, she sees Burnadette wandering aimlessly and fixes her as a target for her sour mood. When the necromancer grabs her, it reveals the horrible extent of the black magic that has been done to her.

Rat Queens might be my favorite comic on the market right now, which is saying a lot as I am both an avid fan of Moon Knight and Iron Fist from Marvel. The constant laughs, intense and visceral combat, and raw emotional moments make this an excellent story. And all of that, before the intrigue of the Merchant Guild Mage and all of the Rat Queen’s sordid pasts. This book has the staying power in both art and story, and I’ll be reading it right up until the end.

My rating 5 / 5 (because I can’t go higher!)

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