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Image comic review: Five Weapons #9 – spoiled

David Hinspeter 06/03/2014 Features, ZDONOTUSE

Five Weapons #9

Jimmie Robinson


I will most certainly be SPOILING!

Last issue we found our friend Enrique poisoned for attempting to stop Joon from giving her boyfriend the snake anti-venom she had been administering to the rest of the class. We pick up exactly where we left off, with our nurse’s assistant trying to save his friend’s life. Enrique really has to cash in some karma chips to get Joon to listen, but eventually she agrees. Without wasting an instant, Enrique rushes to Dennis’ bag and grabs an epi-pen. He wasn’t suffering from the snake bite, he was going into shock from an allergic reaction.

Before Enrique can go into his typical, Holmsian monologue we are reminded of a single important fact. He was just bitten by a snake.

five weapons #9 1

Our hero wakes up in the nurse’s office and gets a brief rundown of what happened while he was out. Quickly, he deduces that his friend Dennis is in a lot of danger. Danger at the hands of his one time best friend, Tyler.

While searching the school, Enrique runs into all of his friends in one way or another and they all give him just a little bit more information. Eventually he figures out where Dennis and Tyler are and heads out there with the most powerful kids in the school to deal with it.

five weapons #9 2

It’s at this point that we get some interesting twists and turns, but mostly just a whole lot of monologue. First, Enrique tells us how he has figured out what is going on. I have to tell you, it is a stretch, on par with something Sir Arthur Conan Doyle would’ve dreamed up. The details that Enrique brings to light almost seem unfair, as you’d have to have a lot of the knowledge before hand, so you couldn’t solve it as a reader.

Now here is where things get weird.

Tyler admits that he has basically been total ass that we’ve been lead to believe him to be, but it had a method. Apparently, Tyler is not in school to be an assassin, he already is one. His mission was to kill the person who poisoned the nurse. Tyler is a soldier in the “new war” which is waged between the psionic club and the rest of the assassin world. They are planning an attack on the school and used Dennis to kill the nurse, because her psionic power would have warned the school they were coming.

five weapons #9 3

A brief fight and some arguing about what to do with the innocent but dangerously compromised Dennis later, the psionic club actually shows up to prove Tyler right. What appears to be the head of the club poses a challenge with high stakes. If the psionic club wins, they get the school.

This issue was not as entertaining as the rest, mostly because the dueling banjos feel of the masterminds in the story and their monologues. There wasn’t as much happening, and therefor, less for Enrique to handle with his incredibly sharp mind. The twist of Tyler being a good soldier instead of just a prick, and the actually introduction of the psionic club were noteworthy, but just a little too late. I still want to see where this is going, and every comic series has a few “set up” issues.

My rating 3.5 / 5

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