The fine folks over at Image have recently announced that they will be releasing the first trade paperback of Moriarty, a series that first hit shelves in May of this year.  Set at the genesis of World War I, Moriarty: The Dark Chamber follows the professor of the same name two decades after the death of his arch-nemesis, Sherlock Holmes.


In a world full of frustrating mysteries and questions that have yet to be answered, the life of one of literature’s most famous antagonists becomes an intense and enthralling adventure, seen from the other side of the looking glass.  All of this culminates in an interesting and playful take on the universe to which Sir Arthur Conan Doyle first introduced readers in the year 1877.


Penned by Daniel Corey with artwork from Anthony Diecidue, Moriarty has proven itself to be quite the creative boon in the first quarter of its existence.   As evidence of the series’ popularity, generous overprints of the individual issues have consistently sold out.  As such, it validates a notion that many artistic minds have shared since Image’s newest adventure began: why didn’t I think of this first?


The Moriarty trade paperback will contain the first four hefty issues of the series, and is slated for a release date of September 14, 2011.