I promise you I will do everything in my power to wipe the mental image presented with the title of this article. Now false promises aside, I would like to introduce you to a gem that I came across this morning while doing my usual “Googlediving” for new and exciting developments in the gaming universe. It’s name is Gunpoint and it’s premise is simple enough. You play as a freelance spy who is sent on various missions to break into secure terminals using a variety of tools and methods (which I will gladly detail later) in order to obtain or destroy sensitive information.

Gunpoint Screenshot - Window DiveAs I previously mentioned, you have a plethora of gadgets at your disposal to achieve your goals. There are a few that are discussed in the video below including a sticky gloves that lets you cling to surfaces, pants that allow you to perform crazy jumps, and a trenchcoat that prevents you from taking damage from falling. Another gadget, and possibly the most important tool in the game is called the “crosslink”. This device allows you to take full advantage of what makes Gunpoint unique in that it allows you to “rewire” parts of the level. An example would be a guard watching a terminal inside of a room with an overhead light and an elevator. Well, you could use the cross link to change the function of a lightswitch in another room so that instead of turning off the light in your room it could turn the light off in the guards room, allowing you to sneak in, get your info and get out. Obviously the best way to see this in action is to check out the video because the developer sets up a great example at the 1:30 mark of what the crosslink can do.

One interesting note to point out here is that the lead developer originally intended the game to be free, but after being called crazy by multiple people and adding a deeper story, upgrades and stuff, he is actually taking consumer feedback on pricing and opinions over at the main site. I think it’s safe to say that I would be more than willing to pay for this and I’d like to know what you guys think as well?

Gunpoint will be at the Independent Games Festival this year and I sincerely hope to hear more about it because if I do you can bet you guys will.