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After a strenuous week of trying to get my house in order I have now come to terms that I don’t nearly have enough comic books. What can I say, I want more. I am closing in on 400 CGC graded comic books. I have another twenty out there waiting to get graded or signed by a particular artist and then of course I have my raw collection over 5000 books strong. Let’s face it that is not enough. At one point my collection was over 12000 books. A sudden downsizing and change of direction on what and how I was collecting was the result of a necessary purge. Unfortunately with all my shelves filled with comic books I am ready for a purge again, this time with my CGC books.

Graded New Mutants Cable

I have taken pictures of all the books I am willing to get rid of. I just need to start putting them on eBay. This is not as easy as it seems. It’s not the technical aspect of it as much as…they are comic books and I want them. To give an example I have a copy of New Mutants #87 in a 9.8, this copy is also the Golden State copy so although there are over 1600 of this issue graded, 434 of them in a 9.8, and only two graded higher, this one particular one that I have is the only Golden State copy. How do I get rid of that? Why am I thinking of getting rid of such a prestigious book?Comic Booked Graded New Mutants


I do have another copy, this other copy is signed by Rob Liefeld. I purchased this particular book with all intents and purposes of selling the golden State collection book to recuperate some of my funds. I still have both. I was thinking about cracking open the slab to have a signature added to it, but there is no guarantee that the grade will be retained. The book could get damaged in transit or even at the signing. This is a gamble, much like my issue #54 getting ready to be graded at Sarasota Florida right now. I cracked it hoping upon hope to get a double signature on it at the most recent NYCC. My hopes were accomplished when both Mike Mignola and Chris Claremont signed the book.


So I ask you, how do you store your favorite collection and what happens when you run out of space???


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