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IDW SDCC 2012 Wrap Up

Tony Calandra 07/15/2012 ZDONOTUSE

IDW Publishing has released some major news from SDCC this year.  From Judge Dredd to many new creator owned series, even a guitarist decided to join the world of comic books.  IDW is making a statement that they are going to put out many great and exciting new series for all to read.  Here is a quick rundown on all the latest news from IDW at SDCC 2012.  Check it out below!

Swierczynski and Daniel to Helm JUDGE DREDD, this is some big news.  Ever since it was announced about 2000AD working with IDW everyone wanted to know who would take on this iconic character.  Well now we know.

Judge Dredd from IDW

After announcing their partnership with the legendary 2000 AD at WonderCon 2012, IDW Publishing is proud to announce Duane Swierczynski and Nelson Daniel as the creative team for their brand-new JUDGE DREDD series! The announcement was made to a capacity crowd during a panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2012 celebrating Dredd’s 35th anniversary.

”I’ve loved the work both Duane and Nelson have done for us separately—they’ve both been responsible for some amazingly action-packed and thrilling comics like Godzillaand The Cape,” said IDW’s Chief Creative Officer, Chris Ryall. “So partnering them on Judge Dredd is only going to amp up the excitement here.


“What’s more,” Ryall continued, “while Nelson will be running point on the main story’s art and colors, we’ll also be doing back-up stories in each issue that are tied to the ongoing storyline and that will be illustrated by some big-name talents as well. Folks like Paul Gulacy, Jim Starlin, and many others. Add to that covers by people like Ashley Wood, Carlos Ezquerra, Zach Howard, Whilce Portacio, and so many others, and there will be lots of exciting new artistic interpretations of Dredd to come.”


2000 AD’s Matt Smith echoed Ryall’s excitement “Ever since we announced the deal with IDW, Dredd fans all over the world have been eagerly awaiting news of which writer and artists will be coming to Mega-City One. We’re really pleased with the creative line-up, which will bring a new dimension to Dredd for a whole new generation. It’s been great to see the reaction 2000 AD and Judge Dredd have had at SDCC 2012–and with the new film out in September, 2012 really is the year of DREDD!”


IDW’s JUDGE DREDD series will see new adventures from the legendary character—originally created by John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra for the lauded British anthology magazine 2000 AD—who has seen a long and storied career as one of comics’ most popular and enduring characters. For this take on Dredd, IDW and 2000 AD wanted to put creators behind the wheel that hadn’t worked with the character before, creating new stories that would appeal to new Dredd fans, as well as long-time lovers of the rich world of Mega City One.


“I discovered Judge Dredd at the tender age of 15 through a somewhat unlikely source: a bootleg Commodore 64 game where you move Dredd through a digital Mega-City One and pretty much shoot everything in sight. Jonesing for more, I realized that Dredd was a UK import, and super-tough to find here in the U.S. Over the next 25 years, I snapped up all the Dredd stories that I could, savoring them like exotic treats smuggled through customs,” Swierczynski enthused. “When IDW announced an American version a while back, I was over the moon — never even thinking that I would be approached to write this new version. Needless to say, this is the opportunity of lifetime, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. The 15-year-old in me may never recover.”


Daniel shared in the excitement “Judge Dredd is one of my three favorite characters, I’m really excited. Everything in Megacity is amazing, everything is possible, and that’s something I want to draw.”

Citizens, consider yourselves advised; this November, comics are the law!

IDW and 2000 AD invite you to the Realm of ZILK!  This mind blowing and very full of life colorful comic book is coming to you from the minds of Brendan McCarthy and Al Ewing.  This is another big announcement from IDW and 2000 AD.  This new parntership is going to bring some wonderful new series like this one too many new fans.

Zaucer of Zilk cover art

 Continuing their new partnership with legendary English publishers 2000 AD, IDW Publishing is proud to announce a collection of Al Ewing and Brendan McCarthy’s THE ZAUCER OF ZILK!

Dimension-hopping onto comic stands this October, THE ZAUCER OF ZILK is a story that simply must be seen to be believed. The two oversized issues of ZAUCER are bursting at the staples with McCarthy’s brilliantly vivid art and he and Ewing’s fantastically ambitious story, taking readers on a wild, phantasmagorical journey across unique worlds with characters that are colorful to say the least.


“Before the main event of our Judge Dredd partnership begins in November, it’s a blast to also work with 2000 AD in bringing the gorgeous insanity of McCarthy and Ewing’s creation to readers here,” said Chris Ryall, IDW’s Chief Creative Officer/Editor-in-Chief. “The colorful wonderment Brendan McCarthy worked on the ZILK pages is already embedded in my eyelids forever, and I can’t wait for readers to experience the same thing.”


“I was immediately captivated by The Zaucer of Zilk when Brendan and Al first pitched it to me, and had sensed even then it would be something special. It’s great to see the Zaucer’s worlds reach an even wider audience through IDW,” said 2000 AD Editor Matt Smith.


When a despondent, alienated young man finds himself in a mysterious Technicolor candy shop, his world changes forever! Thrust into the magical, psychedelic world of Zilk and finding himself atop the throne of the legendary Zaucer! Mind blowing adventure abounds in the wildly imaginative way that can only the creative genius of 2000 AD and their creators can cook up, and IDW is proud to bring ZAUCER OF ZILK’s fantastic trip to American readers!


ZAUCER OF ZILK #1 of 2 (32 pages, FC, $3.99) will be in stores October 2012. Diamond order code: AUG120394.

Next up from IDW is the announcement of a new creator owned series that will bring punk rock and horror together.  This series is titled Let’s Play God from some up and coming talented for IDW.

Let''s Play God cover artwork

IDW Publishing is teaming up with writers Zane and Brea Grant (We Will Bury You, Suicide Girls) and artist Eric J (Rex Mundi, Fly) for their new creator-owned miniseries LET’S PLAY GOD! When a mysterious killer begins targeting members of a fierce all-girl punk rock band, our hero Mel must face a dark, dangerous world of blood and evil to find the killer and save her own life!

“It’s like Girl with the Dragon Tattoo in the Pacific Northwest… but cooler,” Brea Grant said.


In the style of Italian slasher psycho-horror, LET’S PLAY GOD combines a punk spirit and kinetic art with a chilling storyline, promising a truly unique four-issue miniseries. After witnessing a murder, Mel finds her and her bandmates have now become targets of the killer. With the list of suspects growing and trust among friends eroding, Mel must find the killer before it’s too late for all of them. This descent into an imaginative world of darkness is sure to delight fans of horror, music, and unbridled adventure.


“We’ve given a punk girl who can barely pay her rent the responsibility of stopping a maniac from killing everyone she knows,” Zane Grant said. “It’s terrifying, really. And I wouldn’t be surprised if our readers petitioned the editor to have our creative team committed.”


“EricJ brings his own brilliant take on Portland, the punk scene, and deadly slashers,” Brea Grant said. “And my brother Zane did a pretty good job, too.”


“I can’t express how excited I am about this project,” Eric J said. “Working with Zane and Brea has been awesome. This is the first project I’ve worked on that feels like it’s set in a world that I’ve lived in, which is exciting for me. And the fact that we’re bringing a bit of noir into it is making me feel right at home and adds up to a unique setting for the story. Top that off with getting to work again with editor Denton J. Tipton, and the incredible challenge of contributing full-color art for the first time in my career, it’s fair to say that I’m having the time of my life!”


The series will be supported by editions signed by the creators, as well as variant covers by acclaimed artists Fábio Moon (Casanova, Day Tripper), Tim Seeley (Hack/Slash, Bloodstrike), and Dennis Calero(X-Factor, Cowboys & Aliens).


After a series of excellent projects with the Grants, IDW is proud to invite readers on their vivid new journey. Lovers of music, mayhem, madness, and great comics won’t want to miss out this October!

In this next announcement IDW teams up with Good Charlotte Guitarist Billy Martin.  The series is titled Vitriol The Hunter.  This series will take you from folklore and old time monster stories and mix it in with today’s real world themes.  Along with the comic book is a soundtrack to the series also done by Billy Martin.

Vitriol from Billy Martin

Good Charlotte guitarist Billy Martin can now add another accomplishment to his already impressive résumé. A graphic artist, clothing designer and guitarist, Martin will now turn his considerable talents to comics. IDW Publishing is proud to announce VITRIOL THE HUNTER, an all-new comic book series co-written by Martin and Brent Allen, featuring interior art by Martin.

“This book has travelled everywhere I have on tour over the last few years,” Martin said. “I’ve had a light table and art supplies set up on countless busses and hotel rooms across the world.”


Scheduled to launch in early 2013, VITRIOL THE HUNTER is co-created by Martin and Allen, and draws on the folklore and old monster myths prevalent in today’s society, twisting them into a macabre-style story reminiscent of classic horror movies crossed with futuristic fantasy. A self-proclaimed vigilante, Vitriol embarks on a mission to protect his homeland from the malicious monsters that have overtaken it, led by a brutal tyrant vampire.


Additionally, Martin is producing a soundtrack inspired by VITRIOL THE HUNTER. Under the name VillainMartin has been creating remixes, as well as writing and producing music for other artists. This will be his first official release of original music as Villain, showcasing his dynamic mix of electronic music with traditional film score. The special soundtrack for VITRIOL will be available for free download inside the comic.


“Billy and I have done numerous writing projects together and this is definitely our best work to date,” Allen said. “Being from Baltimore, Edgar Allan Poe is a hero of mine, and I can only hope to step foot in part of his shadow on this project. We are both really excited to hear how the readers take to the world we created.”


Set in the fictional city of Basilika in 2127, VITRIOL THE HUNTER chronicles our hero’s journey as he encounters werewolves, hordes of hellions, and other walking myths. This new horror series is slated to run for six issues.


“The best part of working with Billy over the past several years has been watching him grow as an artist,” series editor Denton J. Tipton said. “You could tell he had tremendous talent from the start, but he’s really honed his style and absorbed the techniques of graphic storytelling. Taking our time with this series has really paid dividends, but we can’t wait for everyone else to see the results!”


VITRIOL THE HUNTER #1 ($3.99, 32 pages, full color) will be available in early 2013.

Another musician, Alan Robert, is back at it with IDW and his new title KILLOGY.  He brings us some familiar faces with him to this action packed series.  You might just recognize some of the characters in this book from music to movies.

Killogy artwork

 Announced earlier this year, noted comics creator and musician Alan Robert (Crawl to Me, the band Life of Agony) is returning with KILLOGY, an insane new series from IDW Publishing that features some familiar faces!

Frank Vincent (Goodfellas, Raging Bull, The Sopranos), Marky Ramone (formerly of The Ramones), and Brea Grant (Heroes, Dexter, We Will Bury You) lead the cast of KILLOGY as three inveterate murderers thrown in the same cell! It’s safe to say there’s a warden out there who’s going to be out of a job. A comic that marches to a different beat, KILLOGY is a mayhem-laden mixture of gritty crime, grisly horror, and dark comedy. Suffice it to say, with a combination like that, no prison could hold it!


“Basing my original characters on the likenesses of Frank, Marky, and Brea has been an awesome experience because I can actually hear their voices in my head while writing their dialogue,” said Robert. “I haven’t really seen this done before in comics and thought it might be an interesting and challenging concept to try. Much in the way that The Twilight Zone had celebrity guest stars at the center of its stories, KILLOGY throws three popular personalities into the middle of some very bizarre and horrific situations.”


One of Robert’s earlier efforts with IDW, the dark thriller CRAWL TO ME, was a hit, and is now in development as a feature film. His career as an artist has taken him to many different corners of the creative world, but IDW is proud to be a part of his comics work. KILLOGY is a rarely unique project that is sure to delight fans cut of many different cloths!


For more information on the series, steer your internet to

Last on the list of announcements from IDW is another new creator owned series set in a post-apocalyptic times.  This new series is titled Wild Blue Yonder.  In this series we can expect some wonderful artwork and colors.  Who knows what we will see in Wild Blue Yonder, but I’m sure it will be exciting!

Wild Blue Yonder artwork

IDW Publishing is proud to announce a brand-new creator-owned miniseries from creators Mike Raicht, Zach Howard, and Austin Harrison featuring color by Nelson Daniel! When land and sea have become deadly and uninhabitable, the intrepid survivors of ecological disaster must take to the skies; to the WILD BLUE YONDER!

“I couldn’t be happier to continue my long partnership with Zach Howard,” said Chris Ryall, IDW’s Chief Creative Officer. “He illustrated the first comic I ever wrote, and has been producing some stunning work for IDW ever since. Add to that Mike Raicht’s clever scripting and the amazing colors of Nelson Daniel and WILD BLUE YONDER becomes much more than just an innovative concept.”


In a wildly imaginative take on the post-apocalyptic thriller, RaichtHoward and Harrison have created an eye-popping world of flying machines, massive, makeshift fortresses and a desperate war among the dwindling population left to the scarce resources on land. As mankind has become accustomed to the reality of a prosperous life only existing in sky bound territory, a desperate war has broken out for control and survival on the ground and high above it.


“We’ve been striving to put Wild Blue Yonder together for a long time,” said Raicht. “It is so amazing that it is finally coming together. To be able to publish it at IDW, the same place that has produced some of my favorite creator owned properties, like 30 Days of NightThe Cape, and Locke and Key, is cooler than I can ever truly express.”


“I honestly couldn’t be happier. It’s very gratifying to be drawing my own books full-time while publishing them through my favorite company. Good times!” added Howard.


Clashing factions fight tooth and nail with primitive weapons in a thrilling, high-stakes world of tightly-knit families and deeply realized characters, all cobbling together a life in a world beyond imagination.


“We’re excited for people to see the story unfold in the series,” said Harrison. “Everyone at IDW has been great and supportive.  We’re thrilled to be working with such a great company.”


Visit to learn more about the company and its top-selling books. IDW can also be found at!/idwpublishing and and on Twitter at @idwpublishing. 

IDW is making some noise with all these announcements.  I for one am excited for many of these new series along with IDW bring back Judge Dredd.  Exciting times are to come at IDW for many comic book fans!  Stay tuned here at Comic Booked for everything IDW.

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