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IDW Launches Special SDCC Editor for My Little Pony

Kelly Cassidy 07/17/2013 News

Although it’s not a book that is in my list of interested reads, I do appreciate what IDW does for many major franchises. They have done a fantastic job in maintaining the energy and excitement of the G.I.Joe and Transformers franchises in comic form, in many cases acknowledging and maintaining what previously came before on both television and comics. IDW has also made a hit out of another 1980s franchise, My Little Pony, and with it comes some announcements of special material to originate at SDCC:



The Official Prequel To The Full-Length Feature Film Can Only Be Found Here!

San Diego, CA (July, 17 2013) – To the delight of fans, Hasbro has announced that it will release a MY LITTLE PONY 2013 special edition pony, inspired by the popular DJ PON-3 character at San Diego Comic-Con. Adding to the DJ Pon-3 celebrity status at this year’s convention, IDW’s SDCC special edition My Little Pony #9 variant will feature a glitter cover with the fan-favorite pony.

“IDW’s special SDCC edition of My Little Pony #9 is a must have for any MY LITTLE PONY fan. The cover is a great companion piece to Hasbro’s special edition pony inspired by the DJ PON3 toy, and the additional content provides an exciting glimpse into the origins of Twilight Sparkle’s adventures in Equestria Girls. Where else can you get so much awesome in one comic?” says Michael Kelly, Director of Global Publishing at Hasbro.

While Hasbro lights up the convention, IDW has a few special surprises for all fans of the smash-hit My Little Pony comic book series. The special edition glitter variant will feature an additional 8 pages of neverbefore seen material to give fans the official prequel to the film, My Little Pony Equestria Girls. Featuring some familiar faces like you’ve never seen them before, This special edition variant contains the entirety of My Little Pony #9 from IDW as well the all-new 8-page story by the same extraordinary creative team of Katie Cook and Andy Price. This backup story focuses on a new character from My Little Pony Equestria Girls, Sunset Shimmer, who is transported through a magical mirror in Princess Celestia’s castle.

If that weren’t enough, IDW will also be selling a hardcover collection of the first four issues of the My Little Pony series with a J. Scott Campbell variant cover at $25.



Even though it’s not something that is grabbing my attention, per se, it is great to see  these franchises handled with such care from IDW that you know they are in good hands, and with the likes of J. Scott Campbell doing a cover you know you’re in for a treat!

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