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IDW Launches Jack Avarice Is The Courier

Jeremy Boreske 11/08/2011 Reviews

A five issue mini-series..done weekly? With one person performing all the tasks from writing to drawing to even lettering…weekly? I’d say it’s not possible but never the less:

 IDW Publishing is pleased to announce the launch of JACK AVARICE IS THE COURIER, an exciting month-long, weekly comic series releasing during the five Wednesday month of November. This miniseries is created, written, drawn, and lettered by the remarkable Chris Madden, the artist on the upcoming Danger Girl: Revolver series. A new issue of JACK AVARICE IS THE COURIER is being released weekly on all five Wednesdays of this month.

“The term ‘real deal’ is used so often, it’s almost become cliché,” said editor Tom Waltz. “But, in the case of Chris Madden and his debut comic series JACK AVARICE IS THE COURIER, the term couldn’t be more apropos. Chris does it all in this series—writing, artwork, design… even letters! And he does it all in amazing fashion, producing an old school, kick-butt action romp filled with explosions, hilarious one-liners, sexy ladies and manly men, and twists and turns a’plenty. This is comic book making at its finest!”

This debut issue, now available in comic stores throughout North America, kicks off the series with the story of Jack Avarice, a down-on-his-luck kid who dreams of a life like the movies. His world is about to change when he’s recruited by the secretive agency called Courier and is dumped head-first into the world of international spying.

Each issue of this explosive miniseries will take Jack on an exhilarating new adventure, where he’ll discover that the reality of spycraft is far deadlier than any movie he could imagine. Spies, voodoo magic, deadly beauties, high-caliber thrills, and high-octane destruction, JACK AVARICE IS THE COURIER has it all. Readers are encouraged to contact their local retailers about the special variant Madden sketch cover.

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