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IDW Celebrates the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who

Kelly Cassidy 07/17/2013 News

I’m a long-time fan of Doctor Who, having grown up watching it as a kid (with Peter Davison being my first Doctor) and loving the revamped series that began in 2005. I really got into the recent generation of the Doctor Who comics that IDW has put out, and absolutely LOVED the Star Trek crossover. (Not the best story I’ve ever read, but damn, it was fun to see all those other species as Cybermen. And when the Borg are scared of the Cybermen you know they are a force to be reckoned with.) But the news as to what we can expect from IDW for the 50th anniversary – apart from the Prisoners of Time series currently underway – has both excitement and sadness, much like many season finales of the show. Here’s the announcement from IDW.



BBC Worldwide and IDW Publishing Celebrate Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary

Doctor Who 2013 SpecialSan Diego, CA (July 17, 2013)—IDW Publishing and BBC Worldwide will conclude their joint celebration of the Doctor’s 50th anniversary with the release of a Doctor Who Special the final week of 2013. This oversize issue will be written by fan-favorite Doctor Who writer Paul Cornell and features art by Jimmy Broxton.

In this special one-shot story, a strange force flings the TARDIS and the Doctor into our own universe! Once here, the Doctor encounters a 10-year-old girl who happens to be a huge fan of the Doctor Who TV show. The Doctor grapples with being a fictional character as well as and a monster lurking at the girl’s school on the way to coming face-to-face with the actor who portrays him, Matt Smith!

BBC Worldwide and IDW have worked together since 2007. For the 50th Anniversary celebration, IDW launched a new ongoing series led by writer Andy Diggle, and the new Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time, an extended maxi-series that spotlights all eleven Doctors. Additionally, IDW brought forth the first-ever Doctor Who crossover in any medium, the 2012 Star Trek: The Next Generation/ Doctor Who event series Assimilation2. The BBC Worldwide/IDW partnership will conclude following the end of these 50th anniversary celebrations in December.

“IDW is a great partner and we’re very proud of the comics that we have created and released together. By extending our partnership, we are able to provide Doctor Who fans with more than 20 additional titles in celebration of the 50th Anniversary,” states Soumya Sriraman, Executive Vice President Home Entertainment and Licensing.

“We’ve been extremely proud to be the American home to new Doctor Who comics these last six years,” said Chris Ryall, IDW’s Chief Creative Officer/Editor-in-Chief. “We feel like we’ve said a great many things with our comics—so it now feels like a good time to let Doctor Who comics regenerate along with the coming new Doctor on the TV series.”

IDW was the first American comic-book publisher to produce original Doctor Who comic books, starting in early 2008 with the release of Doctor Who: Agent Provocateur. IDW also released the first Doctor Who comic to bring every iteration of the Doctor into one series in Doctor Who: The Forgotten.

BBC Worldwide will announce the plans for 2014 in the next coming weeks.

Release Schedule:
July 2013
Doctor Who Series 3 #11
Prisoners of Time #7 (of 12)
Classics V #3
Doctor Who Series 3 Vol. 2 TPB

August 2013
Doctor Who Series 3 #12
Prisoners of Time #8 (of 12)
Doctor Who Series 1 HC

September 2013
Doctor Who Special 2013
Doctor Who Series 3 #13
Prisoners of Time #9 (of 12)
Classics V #4
Prisoners of Time Vol. 2 TPB

October 2013
Doctor Who Series 3 #14
Prisoners of Time #10 (of 12)
Classics V #5
Omnibus, Vol. 2 TPB
Star Trek / Doctor Who HC

November 2013
Doctor Who Series 3 #15
Prisoners of Time #11 (of 12)
Prisoners of Time #12 (of 12)
Classics V #6
Doctor Who Series 3 Vol. 3 TPB
Doctor Who Series 2 HC
Classics Vol. 9

December 2013
Doctor Who Series 3 #16
Doctor Who Special 2013
Prisoners of Time Vol. 3 TPB
Prisoners of Time Complete HC
Doctor Who Series 3 Vol. 4 TPB



So… Hurray for Paul Cornell coming on board! My first exposure to Paul’s body of work was in a Doctor Who: The New Adventures novel from Virgin Publishing many years ago. Paul created Professor Bernice “Benny” Summerfield who went on to be a companion of the Seventh Doctor in that run of novels, but who also was given new life in Big Finish’s audio adventures starring Lisa Bowerman as Benny. Recently, the original novel that introduced Benny was translated into an audio adventure starring Bowerman, Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred (who reprised her role as Ace) and it was amazing. And let’s not forget Cornell’s recent body of work, including Demon Knights for DC, Saucer Country for DC/Vertigo, and he’s currently chronicling the tales of Wolverine over at Marvel.

The sad news we can take from the above announcement is that it appears that the relationship between the BBC Worldwide and IDW is coming to an end. Although the announcement mentioned that we can expect an update soon, it sounds like IDW will no longer have the Doctor Who franchise under their belt… Although they could  snag it back! There’s nothing saying they can’t and I think they have done a fantastic job in keeping the spirit of this property in the pages of their comics.

What are you most excited about for the 50th anniversary of the Doctor? Does having Paul Cornell deliver this special anniversary issue have you cheering, as it did me? Let us know below!

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