Tuesday 24th May 2016,
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Iconic David Bowie Passes at 69

Jen 01/11/2016 Cosplay, Features
David Bowie, Blackstar, Labryinth, Goblin King, Jareth

David Bowie, with just those two words an immense amount is said, thought, remembered and mourned today as news of his passing at 69 is spread internationally. One of the most iconic men of today was not only a musician, actor, investor and fashion muse, but also a dedicated father and husband.

A true creative genius and artist, Bowie released his final album, Blackstar, via his ISO Records label on 8 January 2016, his 69th birthday. His latest album was on is way to be No. 1 as word of his passing 10 January 2016 from cancer inundated media channels across the world.

Music was his passion, but fond memories are held by fans of his incredible acting as well as his musical performances as Jareth, the Goblin King in the 1986 movie Labryinth. Goblin King cosplays still filter into conventions with flair, regal dignity and costume pizazz we know as classic Bowie.

Deep condolences to the Bowie family during this sad time, their musical genius and fashion maven will be truly missed.

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