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I See A Red Moon A-Rising

Jeremy Boreske 04/11/2012 ZDONOTUSE

Let me start my review with a comment that will probably paint me as a “soulless” human being. I’m not crazy about pets. Don’t get me wrong, I like them, but I don’t have that uber-sappy, love-dovey relationship that many people I know have. Well, I didn’t, until I ran across an independent graphic novel given to me by one of my wife’s high school friends and in turn made a boring weekend into one lit up with genuine excitement. It’s called Red Moon by David McAdoo.

Red Moon

The story:
Raised in the quiet suburbs of middle America, the unknowing hero of this story is a small dog named Mox. The family that owns him seems different now that he’s not a puppy anymore and Mox is slowly coming to the realization that the world around him is changing quickly. Mox is unhappy in his suburban pen but Daeden, a street-wise stray dog, is there to help. Daeden breaks Mox out of his fenced-in… yard and shows him that the world outside the fence can be unimaginably wonderful…and tragically terrifying! Once freed of his confines Mox begins having horrific visions of a world in destruction; forests of fire, crumbling mountains and sunken cities, all under the ominous stare of a RED MOON. What do the visions mean? Why do they send Mox into an uncontrollable frenzy? Even Daeden’s vast knowledge doesn’t have an answer. But there is someone who does have an answer… Krigg. He’s a scarred brute of a raven, black as coal and as big as Mox if not bigger. The hideous bird recites a prophecy that tells the end of Man’s World comes with the visions of a Red Moon…

Raven from the interior art of Red Moon

This by far might has been one of my favorite graphic novels to read. The story is refreshing and cleverly written. Things like the 6th sense animals seem to have during looming disasters, was created as a folklore that unite all of us creatures. The engaging illustration and the choice of having red color speckled within the pages, really enforced the feelings of impending doom.

The amazing artist, David McAdoo, who also concocted this story, did a wonderful job with his inked art. Each page was detailed and left me flabbergasted as to the amount of time he must have spent doing this. One of the things that draws me into the world of creator owned comics is the labor of love we can feel as we read the pages. The fluid writing and art made this “soulless” man feel for animals and how they are often mistreated in this modern world, but yet have so much to teach us.

Don’t get me wrong, the book was not written in a preachy, self righteous tone. It was a good old fashioned adventure story with an unlikely hero and a world that needs saving. But it was so incredibly well done that heartwarming themes get unearthed as I read along. I was reminded of the same feelings I had for Secret of Nimh when I saw that as a child and would not be in the least surprised if this was adapted as a “Don Bluth” Film!

The ending left the door open to lots of different possibilities. One of the best aspects of the story was that even though it dealt with some pretty heavy issues it was a story that my ten year old son enjoyed just as much as I did. I truly hope it’s creator David McAdoo and publisher Steve Kozak of Cossack Comics continue this saga because I truly enjoyed it and everyone that I have passed it along to or recommended it to has had the same reaction-this is a great book. I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone! This book is not to be overlooked. Red Moon has officially been Comic Booked!Red Moon exclusive HeroesCon 2011 print by David McAdoo

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  1. Sokos6 11/26/2012 at 7:36 pm

    Beautiful artwork. I need to pick this one up for sure!

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