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How To Spend Your Paycheck: September 28

Comic Booked Guest Writer 09/29/2012 News
Diamond Select Minimate NYCC Exclusive 10th Anniversary

Happy payday, everyone! I’m showing remarkable restraint this week, because I am a mature, responsible adult fully aware of the value of personal finance and healthy savings accounts.

Ha, no.  Just kidding!  That would ​never ​happen.  I’m showing restraint this week because I fly out to NY next Saturday to start my NYCC party a few days early.  And, with the exclusives that keep getting announced, I’m probably going to want a bit of extra cash for that adventure – both so I can buy at will and so I can afford to check a second bag on the way home.

Headed to NYCC as well?  Already have the SDCC Be@rBricks from DC Collectibles?  Want an awesome ​Dark K​night Returns​-style Joker bear to go along with your Batman and Plastic Man?  Lucky day for you!  You can pick up this guy at NYCC – or hang tight for the Robin and Cyborg bears that will roll out after the first of the year.  Each Be@rbrick will be $14.99 and comes in nifty, superhero-themed packaging.

Still headed to NYCC?  Down a bit of cash after buying  your 3-Day pass?  Not afraid of getting up early?  Bonus for you!  It’s the 10th Anniversary of Minimates and Diamond Select is doing it up in style.  Stop by Room 1B02 at the Javits Center for a look at the history of the Minimates line – and snag a free promo Minimate from the company archive (while supplies last – so get there early, Minimates fans).  Then, swing by the Diamond Select Toys Booth (#2167) as they’re handing out white Minimate blanks with the 10th Anniversary logo.  The giveaway starts at 10am – ask a DST at the booth for yours (and ask ​politely​, people – we’re civilized, toy-crazed people.  Manners matter!).Not ​headed to NYCC?  Desperate for me to shut up about NYCC already?  Ready to slip into a spiral of NYCC-fueled rage?  Go to your happy place… your nostalgia-laced happy place.  The ever-amazing Forbidden Planet and Underground Toys have teamed up to help you do just that.  They’ve just announced The Three Doctors Collector Set, complete with the Brigadier, Jo Grant and a Gel Guard.

Worried about that “We can’t ship internationally – UK and Irish customers only thing” (and not using that as incentive to move to the UK)?  More nostalgia coming at you!  The First Doctor Maxi Bust is coming soon, all glorious, cantankerous 8″ of it.  Preorder now for £49.99… wait until next July to have it delivered.

If you’re down for the long-term preorder, add this one to your cart (or, if you’re like me, just go ahead and have your paychecks direct deposited to Forbidden Planet – it cuts out the middleman nicely).  Snag this 12″ tall reproduction of the holy grail of toy collectors, the Rocket Firing Boba Fett.  Detail you’d expect from Gentle Giant Ltd – including actual rocket-firing action.  Imagine how many eyes you could put out with ​that​!  Preorder here for £62.99.

Delayed nostalgia not working for you?  Still cranky that you’re not going to NYCC?  Want something more than a long-term preorder to soothe your bank account into submission?  Here you go, then – instant gratification.  A 1979 Knickerbocker Toys Gandalf the Grey – mint figure on card.  You remember that cartoon version, remember that it was the Greatest Thing Ever (until 2001, maybe).  You’ve watched Toy Hunter – you know how collectible these guys still are.  Here’s a chance for you to buy one now for the bargain price of $2,899.99 (plus $6.99 shipping).

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  1. Robb Orr 09/29/2012 at 10:15 am

    What about the neurowear cat tail?! You know yo want to rawk this!

  2. Anne Sisk 09/29/2012 at 10:25 am

    Oooh! But do I get one to match my ears ( or do I mix it up a bit? Too many choices!

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