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How To Spend Your Paycheck: September 21

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NYCC Aardman Batman

One of the perks of being vaguely employed is that, with this many part-time jobs going at once, I end up getting paid for something every week.  Sure, my off-week pay isn’t nearly as flashy as that 1st-and-15th deposit – but that just makes it easier to spend all on action figures and comic books.  Find yourself in a similar situation?  Check out these ideas for burning through that expendable income this week:

I’m going to assume that you’ve already pre-ordered your copy of BioShock: Infinite – like me, you might be counting down the days until February 26, biding your time by making tiny Big Daddy costumes for your pets.  Have no fear – Forbidden Planet to the rescue.  You can pre-order this awesome replica Sky-Hook from them and then fill your nights anxiously awaiting ​that​ release date instead (and, since this ships January 14, you’ll have a solid month of playing with your Sky-Hook to entertain you while you wait).  It’s a 1:1 prop-quality reproduction with spinning gears and hooks and all of the gorgeous Deco styling you’d expect from the BioShock universe.  It’s great for staring at, obsessing over, freaking your friends out – or just put it on display, possibly next to your Gigantic Pipe Wrench prop replica from the original BioShock.  Pre-order price is a sharp £76.99 – but really, you can’t put a price on beauty, right?

Instant gratification more your thing? Check out eBay’s Fall Comics Fest – or, as I like to call it, “eBay’s Fall Festival of Temptation and Bankruptcy.”  More than just a reclassification of preexisting listings, this Comics Fest features auctions from companies like Sideshow Collectibles and Sparkle City Comics.  Pick up a rare CGC-graded book, maybe… or check out the jaw-droppingly awesome prototype figures that Sideshow has on offer.  And, once you’ve snagged that Grey Hulk Comiquette Production Sample, you can feel good about yourself – all proceeds from Sideshow’s sales support local Southern California cancer causes and national children’s charities.  Bid for a cause, everyone!

Granted, you could try out this “fiscal responsibility” thing I keep hearing about.  Maybe this week you resist the temptation, add nothing new to your collections.  That’s fine.  That’s okay.  That’ll give you a bit more cash in hand so you can pick up the newly announced DC Collectibles NYCC Exclusive figures.  There’s a great Green Lantern 2-Pack that fits in with their 3.75″ line – but the Aardman Batman Action Figure might win for shelf-presence alone.  Hide $25 from yourself this weekend so you can pick this guy up in New York next month.

Okay, so you’re dead-set on going big this week.  Awesome!  I’m going to point you in this direction – and ask that you buy two (I’ll provide my mailing address and a very nicely worded thank-you note should you want to send one down).  Who doesn’t want a Dalek?  Who doesn’t want a Dalek built to order, using the original specifications and molds from the BBC Props Department?  An officially-licensed Dalek that stands a terrifying 5’3″ tall (coincidentally my exact height – further proof that I am meant to own one.  I will draw you a cartoon about my zany adventures with my Dalek, should you want to mail me one).

You know you want one – and can make it happen.  Yes, at $5,664, they’re expensive.  Yes, they’re undoubtedly ​exceptionally ​expensive to ship to the US.  But, just think of it this way: you probably couldn’t buy a car for that price.  You certainly couldn’t pay out-of-state tuition.  That wouldn’t be much of a down payment on a house.  Better to just go ahead and buy the Dalek (or two.  I hear Daleks ​love​ the Deep South and I’d take really good care of it and…)

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