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How To Spend Your Paycheck: October 5th

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Happy October, everyone.  Sure, you could save up and spend your paychecks on practical things like rent and utilities and really awesome Halloween costumes this month – or you could pick up some of these awesome items.

We’re getting within striking distance of NYCC, so keep hiding away that cash.  Don’t spend you paycheck like I did this morning  – on the World’s Most Expensive Dr. Pepper (ah, airports).  Instead, save that cash and plan on picking up these NYCC exclusives.  You can either snag them next weekend at the Javits Center… or you can overpay for them later on eBay.

First up, even more Minimate exclusives from the fine folks at Action Figure Xpress.  Managed to snag their SDCC exclusives?  Awesome!  (and, jealous!)  Now plan on grabbing these two exclusive sets to round out your collection.

Loved the SDCC Alpha Flight exclusives but kept asking yourself, “Why isn’t there a Sasquatch?  Poor Walter!  Always overlooked, despite being gigantic and a little bit orange.”  Have no fear!  You can have your very own Minimate Sasquatch (and Aurora, Snowbird and Shaman) – just swing by the Action Figure Xpress booth (#556).

While you’re there, grab the Thundercats (ho!) exclusive set as well.  You’ll add Slithe, Monkian, Jackalman and Vultureman to your collection – and get a bonus robotic Wolfrat, to boot.  Double score!  These guys are also at the Action Figure Xpress booth (#556).  Stop by – even doubling up and getting both sets won’t put you at risk for an extra baggage charge on the way home.

Need a little Mastery of your Universe instead?  Want to buy cool toys while in the comfort of your pyjamas?  Plan on doing a little online shopping on October 12th, then.  To celebrate He-Man’s 30th birthday, Matty Collector  is offering up a deal on a He-Man Party Pack.  Get both He-Man and his Battle Cat for just $30.  Go crazy – go nuts.  Order in multiples.  But, make sure you order on the 12th – the deal only lasts for the day.

While you’re being awesome, buying spare He-Man sets to get some holiday shopping out of the way, chuck a few of these into your online cart.  Gears of War Erector sets – available only at Toys’R’Us.  Sets range from 80 to 300 pieces and $24.99 to $59.99 and include character figures, stickers and (thankfully) detailed instructions.  Fidgety little models of vehicles like C.O.G. Armadillo, the C.O.G. King Raven, the C.O.G. Centaur Tank and a Locust vs. Delta Squad battle set?  Sign me up.

Like the idea of fidgety detail but still a bit worried about how small those erector sets are?  Have no fear.  Snag this instead: highly detailed, shiny armor and life-sized.  Really makes a statement.  That statement is, of course, “I have a full-sized Battlestar Galactica Cylon Centurion in my bedroom.”  (or, you know, your living room… perhaps the kitchen… whatever strikes your fancy).  It’s huge.  It’s gorgeous.  It could be yours for the bargain price of $12,499.99 (plus $99.99 for economy shipping).  And, hey, if you opt for speedy shipping, this could take care of all of your Halloween needs.

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