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How To Spend Your Paycheck: New Collectibles This Week

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Captain Picard Star Trek

Friday – end of the week. Start of the weekend. Day of the paycheck. It might be true that I occasionally plan collectible purchases to coincide with payday (okay, maybe more than occasionally) – but I don’t believe that I’m the only one.  So, if you have this week’s check burning a hole in your pocket (or, more likely, “this week’s direct deposit confirmed in you account”), check out what’s on offer to help spread the wealth.

First off, you can go ahead and preorder your Captains for delivery in November.  Titan Merchandise launches their ​Star Trek Masterpiece Collection ​with maxi-busts of Captain Kirk and Captain Picard.  Eight inches tall, glorious 3/4 length in fantastic detail… they’re retailing for $89.99 each but are available here and here for $79.99 preordered so, really, you should go ahead and order both.

Fancy glass display shelves still have a bit more space?  DC Collectibles to the rescue! They’ve just announced their next statue – Batman Arkham City: Harley Quinn.  And your bank balance is in luck – it won’t be available until January 2013, so you have plenty of time to make room on the shelf and on the credit card before adding this to your collection.

Feeling a little bit drained this week?  Okay, so maybe huge, fancy statues aren’t really in budget at the moment.  Don’t worry – Forbidden Planet has you covered.  Preorder this Classic Doctor Who figure set featuring characters from the Fourth Doctor’s Adventure, “The Pyramids of Mars.”  The set includes Sutekh and two Mars Guardian Robot Mummies and satisfies all of your retro figure needs.  Preorder from Forbidden Planet for £19.99 plus shipping.

Feeling extra flush?  Want something that will really stand out, really put your collection over the top?  There’s just what you need on eBay right now: your very own Tribble.  Bargain basement starting bid of $1499.00 on this guy, too. Just imagine – this Tribble could go from the set, to a museum in Scotland to ​your ​living room.  Own a piece of history – and just imagine the nerd envy that would follow.

Sure,  you could do things like pay your utilities and save for emergencies, but when did an electric bill ever look as cool when back-lit and properly displayed?

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