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How Cool Would it Be?

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How cool would it be to write about Comic Books?

Imagine a comic book company calling you?  Hey I have Fly Issue #2 out, or another saying we have Princeless #1 coming soon and I was wondering if you could review it.  Oh by the way I noticed an Incredible Hulk #181 in a 9.4 with white pages graded by CGC sell for over $3000. And what is CGC by the way? I try to write mostly about what I like and that is because I really don’t want to discuss how Martha Stewart can make collages using comic books. I want to talk about the grading aspect and the collectability. Basically, I just want to prove my father wrong.

I know what I collect and why I collect. In these “A shot of Comics” entries I am going to rave and chat about comic books and I am always free to discuss about anything. Sure, Maybe I should have made this my first rant, but I like to pretend to be dyslexic. If I don’t know it, I will either bow my head to you, or find out. If it is CGC, which is such a large aspect of collecting today compared to ten years ago, I will do my best to learn about it and live to be your source. If you have a recommendation let me know, I enjoy new stuff. To top it all off though, I like to write.

Writing isn’t easy. You have to connect. Superman is hard to connect with, but Clark Kent isn’t. How many times did you bumble or stumble walking or trying to talk to that girl? Connecting to Superman is a bit harder because of his abilities. At times his human side shows, but mostly during a pummeling or getting a dog down from a tree. With Batman…who wouldn’t want to be rich? Captain America and the nobility that goes with it, or Forbush Man and his cool costume.

I always said I wasn’t a writer. I always grouped the idea of getting paid for writing makes you a writer. That is not the case, writing makes you a writer and as a friend said, getting paid for it makes you a professional writer. We read these books for many reasons, too numerous to list. We at are not just writers about these books, we are fans too. If you read anything here I am sure you already know this, but do you know we love comic books too? Although this is not my first entry here, this will be a constant series. I once asked how cool would it be to write about Comic books, and I am doing that. So now I want to ask, how cool would it be to write comic books?


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  1. Nick Furious 08/15/2011 at 10:03 pm

    lol Forbush man!!! I see what ya did there.

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