Wow, ok so this news came across the wire and I was literally blown away. My PC actually blew up and now I am forced to use my daughter’s laptop to type this up. Now I’ve let my thoughts be known regarding the vigilante movement that’s been sweeping the country recently, and we’ve been keeping a close eye on any news that has been coming up regarding the country’s “superheroes“. Now it appears the movement has gone global and in a big way! From Brazil, a man named André Luiz Pinheiro has been recruited by the military police to operate in the city of Taubate, and this order was approved by the city residents and business owners! Pinheiro is 50 years old and an ex-military captain, so he has training in law enforcement, which is a plus.

Brazilian BatmanHis work will include “combating murder and drug-trafficking” as a public relations ploy for the children of troubled neighborhoods. His work will start within the next 17 days and he will work with the Advanced Community Policing Unit to strengthen ties between law enforcement and the Taubaté suburb of Terrace St. Therese. This of course was reported by Brazil’s own news source OVALE.

Zoltan as BatmanTravel a few thousand miles to the town of Dunajska Streda  in Slovakia and you’ll hear the tale of Zoltan Kohari, a 26 year-old native who has donned his own cape and cowl(well cowl for now), in his own homemade Batman outfit. Reported by Reuters, not officially sanctioned by the police or city, his goals are a bit more low key than his Brazilian counterpart, helping the elderly and protecting tourists from over zealous bouncers.  His neighbors seem to enjoy his presence, asJana Kocisova stated “He’s had a tough life but he is very dependable and we like him. He helps us out, keeps an eye on public order, and he is a hero for my son and his schoolmates”.

Now I am in total support for people helping out their communities and doing charity work, but to dress up as a superhero seems a bit much. And in Pinheiro’s case, I can’t see that ending well at all. Of course there are worse heroes to model yourself after than DC‘s iconic Dark Knight, although it would be great to see someone dressed as Aquaman. With more and more comics and movies such as Boondock Saints, Kick-Ass, Defendor, Super, and even classic characters like the Punisher, seemingly glorifying vigilantism I can’t say I am surprised by these recent events. So what are your views on the recent surge in street vigilantism? Is this a good act of humanity and a hopeful symbol for the community or are we on a slippery slope to the inevitable, in which the Saints and Punisher are running loose on the streets taking out all the criminals they can?