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Hoax Hunters Haunchyville Preview and More

Tony Calandra 11/07/2012 ZDONOTUSE

It is about time to chase those myths, legends and monsters.  This January Hoax Hunters is returning to a comic book store near you.  Hoax Hunters was one of Image Comics top new creator owned series of 2012.  This story follows a reality TV show crew on their journey to debunk these myths and monsters.  But that isn’t their true agenda.  They want to make sure YOU don’t see it!  So this January the series continues with an all-new story arc.  Michael Moreci and Steve Seeley take us on a wild ride to find the gnomes of Wisconsin.  If you haven’t read Hoax Hunters you can pick up the graphic novel which features issues #0-5.  Hoax Hunters is one wild paranormal ride you should join in on.

Here is the official PR for the upcoming Hoax Hunters story arc as well as a video clip and preview artwork. Enjoy!!!


Hoax Hunters confront gnomes, truth-seekers, in “Haunchyville”


NOVEMBER 7, 2012 — This January, HOAX HUNTERS returns with an all-new arc, “Haunchyville.” The story takes on the myth of the gnomes of Haunchyville, Wisconsin, and their albino king. But before the new arc—starting in issue #6—is released in stores, a short film has been made to tease the coming storyline.

The film (directed by filmmaker James Cooper) introduces the Hoax Hunters Hunters, a group that is on to the HOAX HUNTERS’ true agenda of covering up the dark corners of the world, via their reality television show.

“Steve and I see the video as a way to enhance what the HOAX HUNTERS are all about—YouTube clips, campy scares, that’s what reality shows like Destination Truth thrive on,” co-creator and writer Michael Moreci said. “We want to have fun with that.”

The first HOAX HUNTERS trade—which collects issue #s 0-5 and features an introduction from Fact or Faked host Ben Hansen—releases December 5.

“Both Mike and I are very excited about the reception for the first arc of Hoax Hunters,” Steve Seeley, co-creator and writer said. “We are confident that the next arc (and those that follow) will only help our success with the book.”

Issue #6 releases January 16 from Image Comics and is available for pre-order in the October issue of Previews. It features a cover from artist Jenny Frison (Revival).


Hoax Hunter #6 pencils pg 1

Hoax Hunter issue #6 inks

Check out the YouTube short film to Hoax Hunters #6!  It brings the craziness and wild ride that is Hoax Hunters to our very eyes.

For more info on Hoax Hunters:

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  1. Sokos6 11/07/2012 at 11:16 pm

    Awesome! Love the comic previews. Going to pick this up for sure!

  2. Knighti2 11/08/2012 at 6:08 pm

    You do not read comics anymore you liar head. :)

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