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Hitman: Absolution Preview

Jorgie 12/23/2011 Reviews

Hitman is back with I/O Interactive’s Hitman: Absolution. Last time we saw Agent 47 he faked his own funeral, only to wake up from his slumber and like a boss killed everyone in attendance; a very loud and flashy ending, for a normally stealthy and quiet killer. Now our acclaimed Hitman finds himself tangled in a conspiracy that has made him the target of a manhunt. The new storyline not only promises a brand new take where the hunter becomes the hunted, but it also gives the player new tricks to keep tucked away in their proverbial sleeve.

Hitman kickin' ass in a drug house = Awesome!The Hitman series has always given the player options on how to dispose of their enemies. You could burst into a room guns blazing, or you could dress up as a waiter and poison your target’s dinner. I/O Interactive has taken that idea to the next level in its new iteration by allowing the environment to become our assassin’s weapon of choice. Are you in an abandoned building with a room full of guards hunting you down? Rip an exposed wire out of the wall and choke each one out as you fade back into the darkness. This is not to say that the Twin Ballers will not make a return along with the rest of Agent 47’s arsenal, but the devs have added another layer of stealth and violence for the gamers to enjoy. Thanks to IO Interactive’s Glacier 2 engine we will be able to enjoy Hitman: Absolution and all its glory with updated graphics as well as intelligent A.I.

Agent 47 is stalking his preyTaking a page from the Arkham series, Hitman now uses something similar to detective mode, and can see through walls. In efforts to avoid the players from abusing the feature (see Batman: Arkham Asylum) the use of it will be limited. When stalking your prey the A.I. will react accordingly. As shown in the video above, Agent 47 is locked up in a library with a police squad holding down the fort and on the lookout. As 47 makes his way through the library and takes down enemies they become frightened and unstable. This causes the characters to break from orders given, or even make rash decisions. Allowing the A.I. to have emotion makes them feel real and organic, which in turn makes Agent 47 feel that much more potent and ominous.

There is no release date yet for Hitman: Absolution, but it is expected sometime in 2012. If the earlier videos and pictures are any indication we are in for quite a treat. Series like Assassins’ Creed and Batman have filled the void for a stealth game since Hitman: Blood Money, but with his return I think the Stealth King is ready to take back his throne.

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