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“HEY GEEK GIRL!” Art Exhibit Opening

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The HEY GEEK GIRL! art exhibition opened this weekend at Ltd. Art Gallery in Seattle, Washington. The show is guest curated by author, journalist, crafter, and goddess of geekiness, Bonnie Burton. HEY GEEK GIRL! showcases the work of over 25 awesome female artists, in a celebration of women who have influenced popular culture.

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After a full day of Free Comic Book Day events, I popped in for the opening reception HEY GEEK GIRL! on the night of May 5th, and was very impressed with the show and art on display. Ltd. Art Gallery is a nice, welcoming and open space, located right on Pike Street at the base of the Capitol Hill neighborhood here in Seattle. A good crowd had gathered, including Bonnie Burton herself, to mingle, sip cervazas and refreshments from a bar set up in the back corner of the show space, and take in all of the great artwork. Such iconic female pop culture characters as: Ripley (from the Aliens series of movies), Tank Girl, Aeon Flux, Leeloo (the character portrayed by Milla Jovovich in The Fifth Element), Wonder Woman, Disney Princesses, a Disneyfied take on Daenerys Targaryen (the Princess of Dragonstone from from Game of Thrones), and SO many more, looked on from the skillfully-done paintings that adorned the walls of the gallery. Music from bands such as Veruca Salt and Hole was played, providing a wonderfully appropriate soundtrack. A pinball machine sat temptingly at the front of the gallery, by the large windows that look out onto the streets of one of Seattle’s most bustling nightlife corridors.

"Mother of Dragons" by Mona Collentine

In addition to the new work, some art from such excellent past Ltd. Shows like MINTcondition (that was held during the Emerald City Comicon), still graced the walls. If you are happen to be in town, I strongly encourage you to stop by Ltd. Art Gallery and see it all for yourself. HEY GEEK GIRL! will be on display through June 10th.

"First Crush: Wonder Woman" by Andrea Wicklund

Be sure to check out Ltd.’s website to see more of the art, as well as work contributed to the show on the Soilo Thompson website, and as always, Bonnie Burton over on!

UPDATE: Ltd. now has the full gallery of art from HEY GEEK GRRL! up on their site– check it out right HERE.

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