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Heroes Fans Rejoice: HRG To Return in Heroes Reborn

Bill Ivie 06/17/2014 Movies and TV

Heroes Reborn HRGHeroes fans have been excited since NBC Entertainment announced a new 13-episode series to be released in 2015.  Up until now, that was all they had to be excited about.

NBC has been very quiet about the series, even telling fans that the new show, titled Heroes Reborn, would remain “shrouded in secrecy”.  They have noted that former cast members may revisit their roles in the new show but that has yet to be determined.

Rumors have been spreading quickly about the show and the stars.  News has come out that Zachary Quinto and Milo Ventimigla have other commitments.  Fans can expect to not see Skylar or Peter Petrelli.  However, Deadline has brought the best news to date concerning the upcoming cast list.

Horned Rim Glasses (HRG) himself, Mr. Bennet, will return to his role.  Jack Coleman, the actor that portrayed one of the most iconic and fan-loved characters on the original show, has agreed to return for the 13-episode mini-series.

HRG earned his nickname from his appearance long before the series revealed his name.  His character became all that more important when fans learned the cheerleader that would save the world by being rescued was his daughter.  The story-arch around HRG, The Company and his family became a central part of Heroes.

Heroes Reborn has not been without skepticism.  A new cast with new stories and occasional drop-ins from original cast members did not excite a lot of fans.  The series did not exactly draw critical acclaim for the final season.  Fans are hoping that the new Heroes Reborn storyline can redeem the series and return it to the glory of the initial season.

The addition of HRG will cause many fans to give the new show a greater chance to succeed.  News about Heroes Reborn has been sporadic at best, which is understandable considering the 2015 release.

HRG’s involvement in the series, regardless of the direction it will take, will certainly drive the early ratings up.

Will you be tuning in to Heroes Reborn?  What are you hoping the series will bring to the table?  Discuss the new series in the comments below.

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