Dark Ascension is a few days away, and last weekend we welcomed it across the country with pre-release contests  and tournaments.  We here at Comic Booked want to get into the Magic: The Gathering spirit too.  How then , should we do that? Should we have a tournament? That would be too localized.  A series of articles? Insightful, but not quite what I was looking for. A Contest! That’s right. We’re going to be giving out brand spankin’ new cards to a lucky winner out there.  But we want something in return…

What do I have to do?!

Simple! All you have to do is Make a Magic: The Gathering card for a comic book super hero or villain of your choice. Draw it, use a generator, or a program. We don’t care how you do it, but the more creative the better! In order to qualify, all you have to do is send your entry to [email protected] AND reply to this post with a comment that links to your card. 

What’s the catch?

Nothing, really but there are a few rules:The prize

1. Only one entry per person.  For an entry to be considered complete, the card must have all of the components of a typical Magic card, including flavor text.

2.  If you’re a Comic Booked contributor, or a friend, family member, room mate, or pet of one you are unfortunately ineligible for this contest.

3. You must live in the United States in order to participate.  Again, sorry.

So what do we win already!?!?!??!?!!!!1111one!

Welllllllll, I’m glad you asked! The entry that is deemed most creative by a panel of judges (The Comic Booked Tabletop crew) will win One Dark Ascension Fat Pack , which contains

  • 9 Dark Ascension Boosters
  • 2 deck boxes
  • 70 land cards
  • 1 Spindown life counter
  • 1 Player’s Guide

The prize in its entirety

How long do I have?

This contest will start right ….now!  and will run until Tuesday, February 14th, in other words, Valentines Day! We will contact the winner exactly one week after that, via email. He or she will then have 3 days to provide his address for shipment before we move onto the next runner up.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask below! Good luck, and get to making those cards!

~The Tabletop Crew @ Comic Booked