DC Comics recently launched a new story arc, called H’el on Earth, for the new DC 52. This arc mainly focuses on title characters Superman, Supergirl, and Superboy and has them all interacting in one form or another. It also, most intriguingly, introduces a new villain by the name of H’El.
In this arc, the aforementioned villainous Kryptonian comes to Earth. Superman perceives him as a danger, due to his disgust for the planet Earth and the people inhabiting it, which is partnered with a desire to resurrect Krypton– at the expense of Earth. H’El convinces Supergirl to agree with his point of view, largely due to trickery, placing her at odds with her cousin. Due to H’El’s revulsion of Superboy, and subsequent attempts to kill him, Superman and Superboy are pushed into an alliance.

Little is known about H’El, aside from the fact that he is a worthy adversary, capable of outwitting Supergirl and superseding the strengths of both Superman and Superboy in battle.
The end result of all of this tension and the tension to come is still unknown, but one thing is certain, the fate of Earth hangs in the balance.
Want to know more? Further details will be provided in Comic Booked’s reviews for each of the individual issues, listed below:
Superman #13 (prelude)
Scott Lobdell

Release Date:  10/23/12

Superboy #14
Tom DeFalco

Release Date: 11/14/12

Supergirl #14
Mike Johnson


Superman #14
Scott Lobdell


Superboy #15
Tom DeFalco


Supergirl #15
Mike Johnson


Superman #15
Scott Lobdell


Superboy #16
Tom DeFalco


Superboy Annual #1
Tom DeFalco


Supergirl #16
Mike Johnson


Superman #16
Scott Lobdell