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HE-MAN Returns, New “Masters of the Universe” series

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DC Comics announced last week that James Robinson will be writing a limited series for HE-MAN and the Masters of the Universe, with art by Phillip Tan. This isn’t the first attempt to make He-Man relevant again; over the years there have been a few reboots in the animation world for He-Man after the 1983 super successful cartoon series that spawned a billion dollar property. We’ve seen a movie, a spin-off, the almost equally successful She-Ra, an updated reboot featuring a more futuristic Masters of the Universe and then finally a return to the fantasy roots of the original series in the 2002 to 2004 series. That would be the last we would hear from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, until now.

Although not the first time He-Man appears in comic form, James is attempting to do something new with the characters. If you have a hard time remembering the adventures of your child hood, fear not apparently the characters won’t be remembering either and we’ll get to discover the world of Eternia and all its characters all over again, together. Here is the DC Comics description of the limited series.

“In the new series, Robinson reintroduces the Masters of the Universe® to comic readers with Skeletor having won a major victory and rewriting the world of Eternia where he now rules from Castle Grayskull and the Masters have no memory of their former glory. Adam is a simple woodsman haunted by dreams of a heroic warrior, wielding a powerful sword in battle. He is found by a mysterious sorceress who tells him his dreams are of the way the world should be, that he is Eternia’s champion He-Man. Adam sets off on a quest to regain his power and reawaken the Masters of the Universe.”

As a fan since the very early days of my life I will most assuredly be having my eye on this series, The He-Man universe has a great deal of unique and loveable characters and some of the most notorious villains. I think comic’s is a good place to explore its potential. What are your thoughts? Leave my childhood alone or are you anxious for some new takes on old favorites?

Masters of the Universe

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