Since it relaunched late last year, I’ve read the new He-Man and the Masters of the Universe comic that DC has been putting out. Although I was concerned with a creative change between issues 1 and 2 (from writer James Robinson to Keith Giffen – both of whom have written many a story I like but it seems strange after a single issue, is all) I have been thoroughly impressed with the story so far. The only downside to it: it’s a mini-series. Yes, one of my favorite childhood obsessions is only around for a short period of time before he vanishes into the comic book ether once again…

At least until today.

Although there is no official word from DC as of yet, MTV Geek was the first to break the news that Masters of the Universe will be an ongoing series from DC beginning in April. It is announced that current writer, Keith Giffen, remains on the title. This means he will work on his sci-fi based Threshold series that takes place within the DC universe, focusing on the likes of Blue Beetle, various Green Lanterns and Larfleeze the Orange Lantern, while simultaneously continuing on the story of He-Man, Teela, and Man-at-Arms as they battle Skeletor for control of Castle Grayskull.

The artist on the series is Pop Mhan, who also works on the current series. He has worked with DC before on titles such as The Flash and Batgirl and now is running with one of the best toy brands to originate from the 80s.

I remember He-Man having several failed attempts at comic series:

  • DC had first crack with a Masters of the Universe mini-series back in the day, with the original intro to He-Man being when Superman visited Eternia. Really. This was before the cartoon came out, if I recall.
  • Marvel’s STAR line-up for kids had another crack at the hero, but utilizing characters from the cartoon and even using characters from the show’s sister series, She-Ra. I remember liking the comic somewhat, but the artwork and coloring combinations sometimes left something to be desired.
  • Fast forward to 2012 and we have a new DC series from the comic, including a spinoff miniseries showcasing the origin of Skeletor (the series’ big bad).
  • And now… the ongoing series.

Skeletor is coming - watch out He-Man!

Let’s also not forget several cartoon incarnations over the years and a big-screen flick in the 80s starring Dolph Lundgren, Courtney Cox and Star Trek: Voyager‘s Robert Duncan MacNeill (“Tom Paris”). He-Man and friends have been around for some time, but in this day and age with the resurgence of 80′s phenomenons coming to power again in multiple mediums is it any wonder this staple would return? (Transformers is bigger than ever now, what with a number of movies from Michael Bay and a collection of comics from IDW, who also has a new generation of G.I. Joe comics coming out and that flick has a sequel movie this summer as well!)

The ’80s are making a comeback and DC is certainly helping it along with this line of books. So why this resurgence of all things nostalgic? We cannot say for sure, but I think that Prince Adam, He-Man’s alter ego, can pose that question better than any one of us…

What do you think? Excited to see Eternia and its inhabitants return for an ongoing series?