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Hawkeye #7 Gets Some Special Guest Artists

Kelly Cassidy 11/27/2012 News, ZDONOTUSE

I’ve recently been kind of hard on the Hawkeye team, but it’s out of sheer love for the character. The book so far has been about our “classic” Hawkeye, Clint Barton, with new Hawkeye Kate Bishop playing more of a supporting role.  I have liked Kate ever since I saw her in the pages of Young Avengers, and so I’m thrilled for the news that Marvel announced below: Kate’s going to get a chance to sit in the spotlight, even if only for half an issue here.

What’s great about this story is that Marvel is bringing in these guest artists (like the headline above says) for a special issue focusing on helping people out after Super Storm Sandy hit New York City. Hawkeye is based out of the Big Apple, so a book that is addressing this event will help… But some news on how it helps can be found below! Hawkeye, as I have previously mentioned, is about a people’s hero and that is what happens here: a non-powered hero diving in to help simply because it’s the right  thing to do. And Kate even gets her time to shine here as well!

Marvel Announces Special Guest Artists On HAWKEYE #7!

This January, Clint Barton and Kate Bishop redefine what it means to be a hero as a devastating storm hits the Marvel Universe in Hawkeye #7! Blockbuster writer Matt Fraction teams with Eisner Award winning artist Steve Lieber (Whiteout, Whiteout: Melt), and artist Jesse Hamm (Good As Lily) to tell not one, but two stories of heroism that will resonate with fans worldwide. Separated by the massive storm, follow both arrow-slingers as they struggle to help those who need it most make it out of this tragic event in one piece.

“Hawkeye has turned out to be a book about a regular guy doing superhuman things so this seemed the appropriate place to tell a story about precisely that — regular people, real people, coming together in the face of this once-a-century scale disaster,” explained writer Matt Fraction. “We kinda-sorta blew our schedule up to make this happen; the book was written in a few-days of frenzy and will be drawn in two halves — a Clint Barton story handled by Steve Lieber, and a Kate Bishop story drawn by Jesse Hamm. Both are Portland guys, like me, and both are phenomenally talented. I’m blessed to be able to work with artists of their caliber at all, let alone on a suicide mission like this book.”

No fan can miss this one of a kind story this January when Lieber, Hamm & Fraction come together for Hawkeye #7! Then, in February – series artist David Aja returns with a villain reveal that no-one will see coming!

For more on Hawkeye #7, head over to!

HAWKEYE #7 (NOV120725)
Cover by DAVID AJA
FOC – 12/17/12, ON-SALE – 1/16/13

HAWKEYE #8 (DEC120693)
Art & Cover by DAVID AJA
FOC – 2/04/13, ON-SALE – 2/27/13

So Marvel is doing something great with this issue, and that is courtesy of writer Matt Fraction. By his own admission, this book came together in a few days with the guest artists. Even more amazing? Fraction is taking no royalties from the book – every royalty he would make from Hawkeye #7 is going to the Red Cross. For that reason alone, whether you like or hate what Fraction does in his books or whether you love or hate the Hawkeye character, buy this book. It’s for a good cause. And for those Fraction haters, this is how he puts it for the donations:

I’m giving all my royalties to the Red Cross. So Team Hawkguy, you guys are all amazing and your support has been literally stunning, I’m asking you on bended knee: maybe grab two copies of HAWKEYE #7? And give one to somebody not reading it? It’ll be good for the book and you’ll be helping out the Red Cross. Or helping me help the Red Cross anyway. And people that hate HAWKEYE, or the character Hawkeye, or me, or my books, or the Red Cross: buy one. Buy 10. I dare you to make the check I gotta write hurt, haters. C’mon.

Now you can’t beat that.

So what do you say? Are you buying the issue? If so, is it because it’s an issue of Hawkeye or because of the cause behind this issue? Let us know in the comments below!


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