“I’m definitely going to be buying some Kre-O sets,” said no one ever… until this week! At first glance I assumed Hasbro‘s building block toys were just knock-off Legos. Considering their only previous franchise sets were Transformers and Battleship can you blame me? But that all changed for me when I saw what they were going to be previewing this month starting July 11th at San Diego Comic Con: the U.S.S. Enterprise! Little Kirk, Spock, and Bones Kreon figures will also be available to view at SDCC. To promote their new partnership, Hasbro and J.J. Abrams have made a stop motion digital short produced by Bad Robot that will premiere at a later date, probably sometime in the Spring of 2013 to coincide with the release of these Kre-O sets and the next Star Trek sequel. This means I have less than a year to convince Hasbro that they need to send this poor, aspiring writer a Kre-O Enterprise to review!

Check out this teaser trailer: