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Harbinger #6 from Valiant Comics

David Vandervliet 11/26/2012 Reviews

Maybe you haven’t checked out Harbinger from Valiant Comics yet.  Maybe you feel that you have enough titles you are already getting. Maybe you feel you are too far behind and you don’t know much about the characters or the company.  Let me tell you this now: check out Harbinger.  In fact, you should check all of Valiant’s titles, but especially Harbinger.

If you haven’t read an issue of Harbinger before, don’t worry.  The page inside the cover gives a nice wrap-up of  what you may need to know.  (Valiant does this with all their titles so far.)   This issue is the start of  a new story arc, Rise of the Renegades.

Up until now the focus of the book has been on Peter Stanchek, the uber-powerful but mentally unstable teen.  Rise of the Renegades begins to show us the results of Peter’s actions.  Peter has changed the lives of two young ladies in very different ways. Faith Herbert and Kris Hathaway have both been touched by Peter’s powers.  Faith has been given amazing powers; Kris has been given nothing but trouble.  This issue focuses on Kris.

Joshua Dysart’s story is one about coping with what life brings.  Dealing with the things that make life difficult.  For Kris, there may be some more unusual obstacles to overcome thanks to Peter.  But even before Peter re-entered her life, she had her own problems.  Even though she lacks powers, Kris is far from helpless, even in Peter’s world.   She is clever, resourceful, and you do not want to be the wrong end of her ire.

Stepping up this issue is guest artist Phil Briones, filling in for Khari Evans.  Brione’s style is a little looser, a little less gritty than Evans’ work but by no means is it any less amazing.    There is a fluidity to his linework.  Each panel is filled with information, without being cluttered.   I felt that this issue’s colors were brighter, and I liked that.

Look, I said it about Harbinger.  I said it about Bloodshot.  I said about Shadowman, and X-O Manowar, and I said it about Archer & Armstrong.  If you aren’t reading Valiant, you are missing out on some of the best comics being made.

Go to your local comic shop, let them know you want, no, need to get this comic.



– on sale 11/21
A $3.99 comic, 32 pgs
Rated T+
Written by Joshua Dysart
Art by Phil Briones
Cover by Mico Suayan
Variant Cover by Matthew Clark

Harbinger - Renegades

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