You might know him as the Crimson Blur but here at Comic Booked we know him as the not so mild-mannered Colin Bass. Colin Bass, our Digital Media Director as well as founder of Crimson Vision Studios ,where you can catch him as his alter ego-The Crimson Blur! Today is a HUGE day for Mr. Bass, today he becomes a man! That’s right today is Colin’s birthday and not just any birthday the big 2-1. Twenty-one, probably the most important birthday in any man’s life, so we here at Comic Booked  wanted to take this chance to not only congratulate Colin for making it to manhood but also to thank him for all of his hard work and dedication that he’s put into Comic Booked over the past year, while running his own production company. Simply put he’s the man.

Check out any of The Blur’s articles here but also give a look at Crimson Vision studios if you haven’t already right here. If you’ve never heard of the Crimson Blur then check out episode number one right here. If you like it make sure to subscribe to Crimson Vision Studios on YouTube and you’ll get the new episodes as they come out. Also feel free to go to his FB page and wish him a Happy 21st Birthday. Enjoy this day Colin and know that your family here at Comic Booked  recognizes your hard work and wishes nothing but the best for you. Thanks for being such a great guy. Let’s pray he survives the festivities.

From your friends at Comic Booked, Happy Birthday Colin! To the Future!